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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blogging: 8 Tips and Tools to Improve Your Blog

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blogging: 8 Tips and Tools to Improve Your Blog

Blogging is a popular tool to promote your business, products, or services. Blogging can attract and convert visitors faster than traditional marketing methods.

But brands and businesses need a way to blog quickly, consistently, and create high-quality content. Also, they need to write about interesting topics that produce profitable results (and achieve higher rankings).

Artificial Intelligence and Blogging: Tips and Tools to Improve Your Blog

Stats show that only 32% of marketers say their content marketing strategy is effective and successful.

How AI can help you to improve your blog

AI technologies can simplify and help your blogging efforts. AI can help you to find interesting and popular topics. Also, AI can help you to create a content strategy and identify areas of improvement. AI could even write part of the blog post for you.

Already some big brands are generating content with the help of AI.

Here are some tips and tools about AI and how to improve your blog and your business

  1. Blog Topics Insight – Crayon

AI tools can provide insight into the best topics you need to blog about. Also, it speeds up the process of brainstorming blog post ideas and it can help you identify successful topics you might have overlooked or you don’t know about them.

One tool that can help you is Crayon. The tool tracks competitors’ websites in real-time. It also analyzes more than 100 different types of online data from seven million sources.

Then, it tells you the most important findings (It using AI to discover insights).

Crayon has many uses for marketers (Not only blogging). You can use the tool to identify content gaps and opportunities. You can see what content your competitors are publishing. So you can create better content and a new content strategy.

  1. BrightEdge – Content Performance

BrightEdge is a great tool for organic search and content performance. The platform has an AI deep learning engine that improves the traffic, conversions, and revenue produced by your content.

The platform provides real-time measurement of content engagement across all channels. (including search, social, and mobile).

  1. HubSpot – Marketing Automation

Marketing automation platform HubSpot has a valuable AI-powered topic planning tool. HubSpot’s Content Strategy tool uses AI to identify content themes and topics. Also, it has information on competition and relevancy to your market.

  1. MarketMuse – SEO and Content

MarketMuse uses AI to advise writers, SEO specialists, and content strategists on what to write about to rank for certain topics. In the process, the platform offers recommendations on topics to target, ranking opportunities, and automatically generated content briefs that guide writers on how to craft a particular post.

  1. Grammar Tool

Grammarly offers marketers an AI-powered grammar checking tool to improve their content. The tool automatically flags typos and grammatical errors. It then suggests ways to correct your errors. Grammarly also has a Chrome plug-in, so you can use it almost anywhere you’re creating content.

  1. Acronlinx – Better Content

AI can also improve the quality of the content you’re producing. Acrolinx uses artificial intelligence to create content better. The platform uses a linguistics analytics engine to read and analyze content. Then, it gives you guidance on how to make it better.

Acrolinx can help writers, even if there are hundreds, stay on-brand and consistent.

  1. Automated Insights – Data and Content

AI can even write blog content for you. Automated Insights uses natural language generation (NLG), an AI technology, to automatically write stories using data. Writers need to configure Automated Insights’ templates. Then, the tool uses that data to write an article.

If you write articles about data, it could shorten your writing process. With the right data, you could use this AI tool to generate most of your post, then rely on human editors to write compelling introductions, conclusions, and layer on insights.

  1. Frase – Content Briefs

Frase uses AI to audit your content and help you produce more of the content your audience is looking for. With Frase, you can use AI to create content briefs, research, and identify SEO gaps.

You can also use the company’s AI Answer Engine to automatically respond to site visitor questions by serving up relevant content.

Make your research to find more AI tools to help you in the blogging journey. Artificial intelligence keeps growing and more businesses and marketers are starting to use AI technologies because they know the benefits and effectiveness of AI.