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5 Reasons Why You Need CRM and Marketing Automation to Boost Your Sales

Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation: A powerful and successful strategy



Many businesses understand that customer relationship management (CRM) is a way of organizing customer data to make it accessible, and in this way to increase customer satisfaction. Most marketers understand that marketing automation is a way of making marketing tasks easier and more effective.

Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation: A powerful and successful strategy

What many companies don’t understand are the benefits of integrating CRM with automation. Those benefits can be game changers for small, medium-size and large businesses. The metrics show that.

• More than 77% of marketers say they’ve integrated marketing automation primarily to boost revenues

• Companies that use marketing automation for lead nurturing increase qualified leads by more than 450%

• Marketing automation increases sales productivity on average by 14.5%

• By 2020, customers will handle 85% of their business relationships without ever talking to a human being

Here are 5 reasons why you need CRM and Marketing Automation for your business.

1. Lead Nurturing:

For many marketers, lead generation is better than lead nurturing. But you need to nurture your leads more effectively to close more sales.

When you join CRM with marketing automation, you can automatically send relevant content (for example, through email marketing) in response to actions your leads take. This dramatically increases qualified leads, conversions, and sales.

2. Business Intelligence:

The automation tools you use will capture the customer data and you can use the data to personalize your messaging. For example, an automated CRM program will tell you what pages customers have viewed, how long they stayed there, what content they downloaded, and what forms they filled out.

You’ll gather similar data about the emails you send. Simply stated, the more you know about your customers, the more relevant and personalized your communications with them will be. A very smart way to know what your customers need!

3. Qualify your leads:

The marketing automation software can assign scores to your leads based on their online behavior, and in this way, tell you which leads are most likely to make purchases. That means you’ll be able to focus your sales team’s efforts on the most qualified leads, and therefore to close more sales. Great Marketing Tip!

4. Make sales Quickly:

The longer it takes your business to move leads from window shoppers to loyal customers, the less money you’ll make. Time is money. The sooner the better.

When you integrate automation with your CRM, you’ll be able to send content that’s more relevant and more effective answers customer questions and removes barriers to sales, thus closing sales more quickly and increasing your revenues.

5. Measure Results and Improvement:

The CRM software can’t measure with precision which of your marketing actions were most effective. When you add marketing automation, you can dive deep into your marketing data to learn what strategies are working, which need tweaking, and which you should abandon. That means your marketing program will become more effective over time, and that you’ll be able to close more sales.

Using a CRM software with marketing automation can be a game changer for your business. You can boost your sales and grow effectively your business. Make more sales in less time!

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