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4 Tips on How to Create Content Curation for Your Business

Content curation is the process of finding and providing 3rd party content that is relevant to your target audience.


Content curation is the process of finding and providing 3rd party content that is relevant to your target audience. Find the best and most trusted content from sources on the Internet and then share it with your followers on social media platforms, blogs or via email marketing.

Why Is Content Curation Important for Your Business

1. As a marketer or business owner, you need to have a content curation and Marketing Strategy. Curating content reduces your workload. You can provide value to your audience without spending hours generating new articles every day.

2. Content curation helps build your Personal Brand. As a content curator, you become the filter and expert resource on specific topics or themes that add value to your prospects and customers.

You find content, read the content, and write a few short insights on why it’s relevant to your followers. Then share it with them. By providing small and relevant insights into the curated content, you can build brand authority over time.

3. By curating and reading the content, you stay abreast of all the trends, topics, tools, and news within your area(s) of expertise. It’s a win/win scenario. You learn, and your audience learns.

4. Give value and solutions to your target audience not to sell. People are tired of getting slammed by sales pitches all day. If you over-promote, your audience will unfollow you, ignore your emails, and stop visiting your site.

Tools to Curate Content

Pocket: Install Pocket’s browser extension and app for easy curation. As you read an article, save and tag (categorize) it for future sharing.. : Select a topic and not only generates the most relevant articles to view and share but also includes complementary topics and other users to follow

Feedly: Use Feedly’s free option to aggregate news and articles to share with your audience on social media or email.

ContentGems: ContentGems scans hundreds of thousands of articles from the best online sources and presents a stream of relevant content

Now you know the basics of content curation. Start curating and sharing awesome content!

Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing is very effective for your SEO, search engine optimization, strategy. But you have to create high-quality and informative content to achieve a higher ranking on Google and other search engines.

Inbound links

With content marketing, you gain inbound links from relevant websites. These inbound links help your SEO efforts and increase your targeted traffic.


Keywords or search words/phrases must be content optimized. A best practice to follow is to have researched keywords from the content that would inspire readers and visitors. These target keywords benefit SEO, when these are significantly present in the content.

Target audience

With the help of great content and excellent content marketing, a website may still not gain higher SEO. For the website that targets the correct customer segment and focuses on leveraging content for the target market or audience, would easily gain larger page ranks and visibility. Content marketing for the relevant audience is very important.

Quality and fresh content

A website with quality and fresh content can increase the traffic and visitors that come back for the valuable content. Quality and fresh content lead to a better SEO.

Social shares

Social media share makes the website have a social presence with a large community. The social shares lead to a better and enriched SEO. Social shares would eventually lead to a broader visibility. Also, grow your brand and authority.

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