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What Are Information Big Companies Collecting From People? [Infographic]

Big companies collect information every day of their users. They collect personal data such as your name and email address, information on the device you’re using, browsing and search histories, your likes and preferences, videos you watch, and much more.

One of the new trends of information tech companies collect is facial recognition data. (TikTok is storing users’ facial geometry without their knowledge).

Microsoft and Amazon also collect facial recognition information.

Also, Google collects and stores most of your information. From your precise location to your browsing history, from your activity on third-party sites or apps to the emails in your Gmail account, etc.

Facebook knows a lot about their users personally, from the people you interact with to the groups you’re in, and even your “private” messages. Facebook knows exactly when you log on, for how long you’re logged in, and what comments, shares, and transactions you’ve made in that time.

Amazon collects data like the products you search for and order, the videos you’ve watched, your wish lists, product reviews, phone number, address, and more. Amazon also keeps track of your IP address, browser type, and other automatic information.

If you’re on mobile, they’ll see exactly where you’re located, as well as collecting your data from your mobile carrier, third parties, etc.

Apple collects your personal information like your name, email address, IP address, location, and payment information. They also keep track of obvious things like your language, zip code, search queries, and how you use their devices and apps.

Why Tech Companies Collect Information?

Big tech companies use this information to improve the customer experience through monitoring trends, use, and activities within their services, and this information may even be used by the company to develop new services.

The data they collect is also used to determine how well their marketing campaigns are performing based on consumer engagement, such as ad clicks, sales, interactions.

Another purpose for tech companies collecting all of this data is to sell it to data service providers.

User Privacy

Many of these big tech companies have had to update their privacy policies in the past year because there is a new law about privacy. This law gives users more control over how tech companies use their personal information.

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