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Video Marketing: Why Videos Are A Necessity for Your Business [Infographic]

Videos are very popular and pretty engaging too. Videos can build a better emotional connection with your target audience and you can increase your sales and revenue pretty fast.

Here are some benefits and stats you need to know about why videos are a necessity for your business.

Video Marketing Statistics

Every day around 58% of people view videos on YouTube and other video channels.

Videos will make up over 82% of online buyer traffic by the end of 2020

Around 62% of online users prefer to watch a video than read any text content.

Benefits of Video Marketing

  1. Many people spend most of their time on Videos

YouTube gets more than 4 billion views/day.

These days every one of your target audiences is watching videos.

You should make video promotions, Ads, funny videos, educational videos, etc. based on the preference of your existing and potential customers.

  1. Video Marketing can improve your SEO strategy

You need to know that quality and interesting video content can improve your SEO strategy.

Also, videos can upgrade conversions of your site.

By adding video to the home page or landing pages of your site, you can boost your sales.

  1. Videos are More Effective than Text Content

In the top 100 listings on Google, videos have around 80% of the main 100 search results.

Youtube is the second-biggest web search engine. Video content gets positioned high in SERPs.

  1. Videos are Shared on Social Media

500+ times of YouTube-videos are daily watched on Facebook.

700+ YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each moment.

  1. Video Content Educates, Entertains, Engages

Stats show that 64% of buyers spend more than two minutes viewing a video that teaches them about an item they intend to buy. Many people like to watch videos to educate and entertain themselves.

  1. Videos Live Forever – Pretty Important

Videos remain on the web for many years and continue promoting your brand or products without any extra expense.

This can be very effective if you have made a good quality video that can sustain for lifelong. The video will work for your brand for many years in the most cost-effective way possible.

  1. Video Content Can Go Viral

Around 95% of people who see a mobile video will share it with other people and friends. So you can turn your video content into a viral phenomenon. This is one of the most notable and profitable benefits of video marketing.

Also, video content is shared 1,200% more times than links & text content- Simply Amazing!