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Video Marketing: Effective Tips on How to Grow Your Business

Video Marketing: Effective Tips on How to Grow Your Business

Video marketing keeps growing, it’s effective and pretty engaging. The second biggest search engine is YouTube (right after Google). There are approximately 1.9 billion monthly users on YouTube.

Here are some effective tips about how to grow your business with video marketing.

  1. Video Marketing Can Help Your Current Marketing Strategies

If you have a blog, you can convert your blog posts into a video format or even add more content to your blog with videos.

Video content helps you to generate engagement with your target audience.

  1. Google and YouTube Loves Optimized Video

If you create and optimize your videos for search engines, you can generate organic traffic. If you creating an engaging thumbnail, the video is SEO optimized, writing attractive titles and descriptions, then Google and YouTube will find and index your video pretty fast.

  1. Video Generates Trust and Engagement

Video can provide a personal and engaging connection faster than plain text. Also, video can help you to provide your business as a helpful, trusted, and more human organization.

Employee interviews and behind-the-scenes videos are very effective ways of showing the human side of your business. These videos can build engagement and relationships between your business and potential customers (Target Audience).

  1. Video Product Reviews

Many people are using YouTube to be entertained and to learn. Also, many people go to YouTube before making a buying decision. Video product reviews are popular because they give an insight into the product and are usually honest. (Not All)

Almost 50% of internet users look for product-related videos (Reviews) before purchasing and many consumers say that product demos were helpful.

Videos of your products and services are helpful, effective, and you can attract more interested people (Potential Customers). There’s also the opportunity to find micro-influencers to promote your products or services.

  1. Live Video

Live streaming is using by businesses and celebrities a lot. One of the amazing benefits of live video marketing is that it encourages people to engage and post comments. This engagement gets people involved.

On Facebook Live, the person(s) being recorded can see the comments and respond.

Instagram has launched IGTV, where one hour long videos can be uploaded. Many people are watching videos on their phones. IGTV is a great way to attract more people to your business.

  1. 360 Degree Video

A 360-degree element to your video generated that VR atmosphere without the need for any headgear or other tech. You can create an amazing and pretty interesting interactive experience.

  1. Increase Targeted Traffic

By creating videos and using a successful video marketing strategy you can increase your targeted traffic. Videos are easily searchable online and by creating a Youtube account you can attract more viewers. Having links to your video will help bring relevant viewers to your website.

Video marketing can help you to connect with your viewers on an emotional level, promote your products, generate more traffic and sales.

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