Tailwind Review: The Benefits You Need to Know – How to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Tailwind Review: The Benefits You Need to Know – How to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Tailwind is a very effective and useful marketing app created for Pinterest and Instagram. Great for bloggers and online businesses or online shops. This awesome tool can easily simplify the processes of your social media marketing strategy.

With this, you can get access to features such as content discovery, post scheduling, and tracking. Also, it helps you measure results in real-time so you can adjust your marketing strategies accordingly as quickly as possible
Tailwind Benefits

Tailwind is a smart way to schedule your posts on Pinterest and Instagram.

What are the standout benefits of this app? To start, you can save time with multi-board pinning, hashtag lists, bulk image upload, drag-and-drop calendar, and other shortcuts. Plus, you can automatically optimize your Instagram and Pinterest schedules to engage your audience at the right time. Then, measure effectiveness with detailed analytics and insights.

Tailwind’s browser extension helps you to create multiple posts with a single click. The Hashtag Finder automatically suggests the best Instagram hashtags for your readers.

Also, you can improve your efficiency by using a single tool and workflow to post all your visual marketing content on Pinterest and Instagram. The best part is this app is affordable even for businesses with low-budget.

A very effective and low-cost solution for your social media marketing strategy.

You can create a calendar and select the specific date and time you wish to post. Another option is you can add a queue and hook it up to your pre-set schedule. With this solution, you can manage multiple Instagram and Pinterest accounts, and collaborate with your colleagues.

Also, You don’t have to worry about reliability and security. Tailwind is the official partner of Pinterest and Instagram.

With Tailwind, you can track activity and trends. You can view when someone comments on your Instagram post or Pins from your site. Also, you can monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) by tracking your Instagram and Pinterest profiles, #hashtags and more.

Plus, insights from your Instagram and Pinterest analytics help you identify important metrics and tasks you need to improve.

Another important benefit of Tailwind analytics is it helps you to monitor your Instagram and Pinterest followers, brand mentions, likes, repins, boards and more. You can also analyze content trends on Instagram and Pinterest to learn about what your readers are interested in.

Finally, you can track results to understand which type of content is effective and deliver more of it to your Instagram and Pinterest audience.

Tailwind Features


Pinterest Analytics & Reporting
Pinterest Content Marketing
Pinterest Content Optimization
Pinterest Content Promotion
Pinterest Content Recommendations
Pinterest Monitoring & Trends
Schedule Pins on Pinterest

Instagram Analytics & Reporting
Instagram Audience Management
Instagram Hashtag Monitoring
Instagram Listening
Instagram Scheduling
Instagram UGC Content Management

Now you know the benefits of Tailwind and why you need this app. Tailwind Free Trial. How to Promote your business with Pinterest and Instagram. A Great Social Media Tool