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New Year: Awesome Self-Help Books to Read in 2021

Self-help books can help you to make changes to your day-to-day life. You have the freedom to make those changes at your own pace. If you are ready to start making changes, here are some of the best self-help books that you need to read in 2021!

Self-help books generally try to provide steps that the reader (You) can take to help them reach a specific outcome or expectation. If you have personal problems or weaknesses that you need to improve, then self-help books may help you a lot.

Self-help books have the power to give you insights, information, and instructions on how to improve your life, thinking, or circumstances.

Many self-help books provide strategies that the author has personally used and others are based on research and scientific inquiry.

Important! Self-help books can give you the tools to improve your life, but you are not going to see results unless you take the time and make an effort to apply the principles and lessons that these books teach you.

You cannot change your life without effort!

  1. Big Magic By Elizabeth Gilbert

One of the top self-help books of all time is Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. This the incredible story of how ideas float around in the world trying to find just the right person.

She shares some of her most intimate experiences with magic, creativity, and living a fulfilling life. It’s an awesome book for entrepreneurs, parents, and everyone else.

  1. The Little Book of Big Lies: A Journey into Inner Fitness By Tina Lifford

If you like story-driven life lessons then this pretty interesting book by Tina Lifford is perfect for you. This book has 14 personal stories from Lifford that will help you change the way you see not only the world but yourself. This book will help you change your perception and build the life you want.

  1. The Power of Self-Discipline By Brian Tracy

Are you struggling to get past the same lame excuses day after day that is keeping you from achieving your dreams and goals? Your problem might be a lack of self-discipline or your willingness to do what you have to do even when you don’t feel like it.

Brian Tracy has packed this book full of activities and exercises to prompt you to make the changes to reach your personal goals, business and money goals, and overall happiness.

  1. You Are A Badass By Jen Sincero

You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Live an Awesome Life. This book has many practical strategies that you can start using today. Follow the steps in this book to manifesting a more exciting and meaningful life.

Do you want to make more money, find a life partner, or go on more adventures? If yes, Jen Sincero will remind you that it is all possible!

  1. How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is an old book but still relevant. It’s a great book for many people. Are you struggling to maintain friendships or hoping to develop more meaningful connections? If yes, this book is for you.

  1. The Four Hour Workweek By Tim Ferriss

The Four Hour Workweek is for the aspiring entrepreneur who is ready to dive in and make some serious changes to his/her life. Are you ready to make money and change your lifestyle?

Tim Ferriss will help you “escape the 9-5, live anywhere, and join the new rich.” This book holds a lot of information. Plan to take it slow and implement as you go. It’s a big hit!

  1. Radically Happy By Phakchok Rinpoche

Happiness means something different to everyone. Many want to feel excitement and enthusiasm regularly, while others want to find a sense of contentment with what they already have.

Radically Happy will support you in becoming more mindful through meditation. This book presents personal narratives and scientific studies that will teach you how to create radical happiness in your life.

  1. The Friendship Formula: Add Great Friends, Subtract Toxic People and Multiply Your Happiness By Caroline Millington

Everyone has toxic people in their lives, but what would your world be like if they were no longer around? The Friendship Formula will help you identify your true friendships, and navigate the people in your life.

Take back control of your relationships and multiply your happiness with this book!

  1. 100 Days To Brave By Annie Downs

100 Days to Brave may be a good place to kickstart a more courageous new year. Annie Downs shares personal stories and short devotions that will help you work through your fears and become a braver you. It’s a must if you want to win your fears!

  1. The Universe Has Your Back By Gabrielle Bernstein

Faith and optimism are two of the key components that will lead to real change in your life. You truly have to believe that change is possible, and Gabrielle Bernstein will make you believe.

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith will help you to get rid of emotional blocks and improve your mindset so that you can start living a happier and more purposeful life.

  1. Finding Your Own North Star By Martha Beck

Want help figuring out what to do with this one wild and free life? Then read this book. Martha Beck writes stories that are funny yet extremely helpful. Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live will help you find your path so that you can make your dreams come true.

  1. Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking By S.J. Scott

Minimalism is all the rage, and everyone is focused on how to declutter their homes and their lives. But have you taken the time to think of how to Declutter Your Mind? This fantastic book from S.J. Scott will help you identify what is causing your mental clutter and help you develop a strategy to declutter your mind.

  1. The Happiness Advantage By Shawn Anchor

The Happiness Advantage: How a Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life is bursting with interesting research about how you can live a happier life starting today. Shawn Achor shares the psychology behind happiness. Learn how to be happier with your current situation. A pretty useful book.

  1. Switch By Chip Heath

The Switch is a fascinating book. Chip Heath shares research-based information that will help you make big changes in your life. Discover new ways to change your life.

  1. Everything Is Figureoutable By Marie Forleo

Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo is the perfect read for anyone looking to expand their business or chase that passion project in their life. The book will give you the tools you need to tackle just about any problem in your personal or professional life.

Marie Forleo has built a massive digital media empire, and she will help you retrain your brain to focus on the positive, and accomplish your goals.

  1. Don’t Keep Your Day Job By Cathy Heller

Don’t Keep Your Day Job: How to Turn Your Passion Into A Career will help you create a vision for monetizing your favorite activities, whether that be baking, writing, or jewelry making so that you can live a life filled with purpose. Live your Dream!

  1. The Alter Ego Effect By Todd Herman

If you are ready to make a massive shift in your life, but you have no clue where to begin, then The Alter Ego Effect is a must-read for you! Todd Herman will teach you step-by-step how to move out of your way and perform at your peak.

You will learn how to ignite the best version of yourself using the same secret activation techniques used by many top athletes and executives.

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Happy New Year! – 15 Habits of Happy and Successful People

Happy New Year! – 15 Habits of Happy and Successful People

Happiness is a deep sense of ease and comfort. It is joy, and joy that isn’t fueled by external motivators.

“Social scientists say that happiness depends on lots of factors, the first is do you look at the world as a problem, or as an opportunity? Your attitude toward life.

Secondly, it depends on your financial resources, because a lot of people are, these days anyway, very scared about health insurance, about retirement benefits, about their future. But that adds about 10-12%. Your attitude determines 50%.

And then the last part, which determines 40% of your daily happiness and experiences, do you have the ability to make other people happy? That’s the fastest way to be happy.”

  1. Positive Outlook – Optimistic

People who have a positive outlook view the world as full of possibilities and opportunities. Their inherent attitude toward life is one of possibility.

Cultivating positivity is then linked to happiness. And happy people are optimistic.

  1. They Know Themselves.

Happy people may enjoy other people, but they have also spent a considerable amount of time getting to know themselves. They know what makes them upset, and they know what brings them happiness. They know what they like and dislike.

Happy and successful people are in tune with themselves.

  1. The Rest.

Rest is an undervalued superpower. It is what enables us to heal and recover, yet many of us fill our lives with so many obligations that rest becomes illusive.

Even when we lie down to rest, our minds are racing with the commitments we have for the following day or the things we were unable to accomplish earlier in the day. This can lead to restless nights and an inability to get deep sleep.

But happy and successful people value rest as much as they do productivity. They understand that they cannot bring their best selves to the work if they are tired, worn down and exhausted.

  1. They Are Content.

Being content solves a multitude of problems. It can also help you to enjoy where you are at any given point in your life.

Content people are present. They do not live in search of the next big thing. They celebrate what they have and take pleasure in the here and now.

  1. Self-Compassion.

Happy people have learned the difference between guilt, shame, and blame. They understand that the key to their happiness is being gentle and compassionate with themselves. They offer themselves the grace they would extend to a close friend.

When they make mistakes they respond with compassion and grace.

  1. They Silence Their Inner Judge

judgmental people judge themselves first and others second. This is counterproductive and incompatible with happiness.

To be happy, we must silence our inner critic.

When we practice self-love, the love we give to ourselves will gradually extend to others. And when we walk through life without the need to judge ourselves or others, we can and will experience emotional freedom and happiness.

  1. They Feel Their Emotions.

Happy and successful people understand that being present in their physical bodies includes being able to experience the range of emotions that come with the human experience.

Rather than running from unpleasant emotions and feelings, they allow themselves to experience and feel emotions. They give a name to their emotions, and most importantly, they don’t judge themselves for feeling anger, sadness and hurt.

  1. Focus and Standards

They focus on what they want and lean into that desire.

They are inspired by their peers, but they hold themselves to standards that they create.

  1. Mental Health.

Happy and successful people ideally understand that health is bigger than one’s physical body. It also includes the mind. They understand that they cannot give what they do not have, and they take time to care for their mental well-being.

  1. Physical Health.

Happy and successful people understand that they have one body and one life to live. While they may be on a journey to optimal health, they are mindful of the need to care for their physical health.

  1. They Understand What Brings Them, Joy.

Happy people know what brings them joy. They understand what activities bring happiness, and they make time to invest in those activities. They do regular internal work to understand how to be their happiest selves.

  1. They Invest in Themselves.

They invest in themselves by returning to school, taking courses to learn or enhance a skill, learning a new language, taking a cooking class or whatever they like to learn.

  1. They Can Disconnect

Happy people and successful people can disconnect from social media and other distractions. They can focus intensively on their work, families, and commitments and regularly take breaks from social media. They are not glued to their phones, iPods or other communications devices.

  1. They Help Others.

One of the most rewarding activities is to help others. When you help others, you help yourself!

Happy people understand that giving is its reward.

  1. They Live with Gratitude.

When you practice gratitude, you create a habit of identifying and celebrating the good. You train your brain to look for the positive.

An undeniable habit of happy and successful people is gratitude. They practice it daily, and the practice brings them happiness.


New Year is Coming: 9 Tips for A New Start

New Year is Coming: 9 Tips for A New Start

The new year is coming. So New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity for the people to make a new start. Here are some tips about how to change your life and how to improve yourself. It’s the right time to make a new start.

  1. Lose Weight

Losing weight is the top wish for many people. Also, “exercise more” and “stay fit and healthy” it is something that over a third of the population wishes to achieve. It’s easy enough to start an exercise and diet program, but the trick is to find a decent one that will give you steady results and will be easy to stick to in the long run.

Also, learn to control emotional eating, be aware of reasons for diets to fail and discover healthy recipes.

  1. Become Confident

If you are confident other people notice it, and it is much easier to have your opinions heard. Self-confidence will help you lead a much happier life overall. Boost your confidence and your life will change.

  1. Make Money

You can use an additional source of income to make life a bit more comfortable. There are plenty of options available, like having side jobs, working as a freelancer or using the internet to your advantage. Build a work from home business.

  1. Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the biggest killers for the people, and it can have a very destructive effect on your relationships and your health. It may be an unavoidable side effect of our modern lifestyle.

You can manage it with the help of useful and easy to practice tricks for stress management.

  1. Avoid TV

Many people waste a lot of time in front of the TV, time that could have been better spent developing skills, learning or keeping your body active. Once you manage to cut down on TV time, you will realize just how long and productive a day can be. Open your mind and turn-off tv.

  1. Read Books

Books are an excellent way to gain a lot of knowledge on a huge variety of topics and are also a great exercise for your brain. You need to make it a habit, discover your type of books and find a bit of time for reading.

  1. Learn a new language

Not only will learning a new language help improve your communication skills, but it will also look great on your resume and possibly open up some doors for you. These days there are plenty of resources that allow you to learn a language for free and in your spare time.

  1. Travel More

You’ll need to have money and goodwill. Invest some time and effort before you consider traveling across the globe, but there are ways of experiencing different cultures and visiting faraway places even on a tighter budget.

  1. Reinvent Yourself

If you don’t feel quite happy no matter what you do, it is perhaps time to make some serious changes in your life. Reinventing yourself can give you a whole new perspective on life and take you in directions you may never have dreamed were possible.

There are many tips and tricks to make some long-term changes in your life. I wish you a Happy New Year.

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New Year – New Life: Tips to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Life

New Year – New Life: Tips to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Life

Stress can be damaging and in fact, too much stress can put your health at risk. If you have been living a stressful life these days, then finding some ways and tips to reduce stress can be a good move. Here are some tips on how to reduce stress and improve your life.

1. Deep Breathing. One of the easiest ways to help you manage stress anywhere and any time is to practice deep breathing or breathing with the diaphragm. Like singing, you can draw air from your diaphragm, letting the negative energies out.

2. Massage. A very effective tip to reduce stress is to get a massage. Just make sure you get someone who is a professional so that you will be ensured that you are given the proper massage.

3. Vacation. If you feel like you have been burnt out with your work, then you might want to go for a weeklong vacation to some quiet beach to help you de-stress. Just make sure to plan your vacation well so that you will not be adding more stress to your already stressful life.

4. Try acupuncture or acupressure. These ancient Chinese techniques are not only known to help you get rid of stress in your life but also improves blood circulation which is, of course, another good practice to promote good health.

5. Meditation. Meditation is also another good way to practice deep relaxation and manage stress as well so why not learn this great practice that can also improve your concentration and focus which you can also use in your day to day work.

6. Walk regularly. Walking is a great exercise that can also help you get rid of everyday stress. Another thing that makes walking appealing is that it can also help you boost your metabolism and of course, help you maintain a healthy weight as well.

7. Go to the gym or join a fitness boot camp. Another one of the tips to reduce stress is to go to the gym especially if you do not have the space for walking or you are in the middle of the bustling city. If you find the gym too dull, you can also join a fitness boot camp especially if you are also looking for ways to get into shape.

8. Take dance lessons. Dancing is a good de-stressor and join one if your passion is dancing.

9. Volunteer. If you feel you have been running after deadlines and appointments each day and you have been in the rat race for most of your life that you haven’t even felt good about yourself, go out and volunteer. Helping others is a fulfilling task and you will be truly amazed at how it can do wonders on your happiness.

Self Improvement – 4 Tips You Need To Know

It is easier than you might think. There are folks struggling along with their life stressed out and unhappy with themselves. They want a change for the positive but yet can not seem to get on track to make things what they truly want for themselves.

Here are 4 tips to improve your self

* You need to know what you want to get out of your life in all areas of your life. What type of career, relationships, home, car, etc… You need to be specific about each of these items.

* You need to write out what it would take to change your life from where it is now to where you want to be.

* Start telling others what you want to achieve. This does a couple of things it takes your dream out of your mind and starts the first steps to making it come to life. This also starts letting you know who is in support of what you want so they can help cheer you on in your endeavor.

* The most important thing for you to do is start taking action toward achieving your things on your list. You need to make it fun for yourself do not think of it as work but rather a fun adventure to making some exciting changes for yourself.

The first step is the hardest and that is just getting started so that you are not just talking about wanting something different. The first step is very important if you want to succeed. Take Action and Never Give Up!

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New Year: Psychological Self Improvement Tips

New Year: Psychological Self Improvement Tips

The New Year is coming and everyone is ready to make their resolutions. Self-improvement is often a favorite resolution. Here are some self-improvement tips to help you start the New Year.

1. Stay positive. Make it a resolution to do away with negative self-talk this year. No more “I can’t” and more “I can”. Positive self-talks automatically program your mind in the direction of success.

2. Stay dressed for success. A new haircut or a fresh shave and decent looking clothes will create a positive and energetic air around you. This works even on those days you aren’t feeling at your best.

3. Stand straight. If you’re going to think positive and dress positive, stand up as you mean it. Sloppy posture is a sign of weakness. Keep that back straight on your path to success this year.

4. Set specific goals. Instead of “I want to lose weight this year”, you should write down “I want to lose 10 pounds in the next 2 months.” The mind can help your body reach specific goals much more efficiently.

5. Post your plans. Keep your plans and specific goals written and posted where you can see them every day. Take time to read and review them on a regular basis. Keep reviewing and adding to your list so you will continue moving forward.

6. Celebrate and reward. Find a way to celebrate when you have reached any of the self-improvement goals you have set out for the new year. Reward adds more value to your efforts and increases your motivation to continue.

Psychological Self-improvement: How to overcome fear

People are usually afraid of negative things. They are afraid of self-improvement because of this fear. Psychological self-improvement may help you in this situation.

In psychological self-improvement, The best way to remove this fear is to understand that life is always in the cycle of ups and downs. No one is permanently up or permanently down. Remember that no one can avoid these ups and downs even the most famous Hollywood stars.

What we should do about these downs is to learn from it and not to avoid it. We should learn how to handle our problems for our psychological self-improvement.

Problems affect us every day. We should never lose hope in figuring out solutions to these problems. All we need is to learn how to overcome it and not to be overcome.

Problems can never be overcome but we can learn from them. This is where Psychology plays an important role.

Psychologists say that we should always be careful in our decisions concerning our problems. We should handle our problems properly and learn how to deal with it. Learning from mistakes helps us in preparing ourselves for psychological self-improvement

There are a lot of myths about every event in our lives is due to pre-determined reason. Another belief says that what we encounter in our lives today is our preparation for other things that may come in our lives. To understand what may happen to us in the future, we must learn from the present.

With all that, it is also true that the unexpected can happen anytime. However, you should keep in mind that psychological self-improvement is not always for the worse and consequently, you must never let go of a chance, because you are afraid to take the risk.

Remember that, from time to time, something has to happen in order to free you from monotony, so you shouldn’t be surprised if, at a certain moment in time, instead of being afraid of change, you desire it with all your heart.

Here are some tips to help you move forward

Just think of the positive impacts results from the psychological self-improvement. Know important they are and reflect on how to increase them, by adding some other good aspects, which need certain assistance.

Try to picture somebody else in your situation, as picturing ourselves in a less desirable position, always looks more dramatic than it really is. If you realize that the other person can handle the change, you can be sure you’ll be able to handle it as well. This is good psychological self-improvement.

Think of the worst situation that can result after the self-improvement. Try to find various solutions to it. Reflect on how much you can lose, if the worst happened, and how important those things are to you. If you find more than one reasonable solution, you are safe and the self-improvement can’t be stronger than you are!

Self-improvement is not bad at all. All we need is to learn how to handle some negative changes. We should also reflect from it to learn and use it in the future events that we may encounter. This could be your ultimate psychological self-improvement.