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Guide: Where to Sell Your Services Online – How to Make Money

Guide: Where to Sell Your Services Online – How to Make Money


If you are a freelancer or you have a service business, it can be difficult to find your first customers and earn money online. Perhaps you’ve created a logo and even put together a website — now what?

The truth is, the hardest part of any service-based business is finding a reliable source of prospective customers that need your solutions.

Many online resources connect professionals to people looking for industry-specific services.

Here you can find a list of websites to help you establish a customer base, sell services online, grow your business and make money online.

1. Beauty, Fitness & Wellness

BBforME is an app that connects fitness and beauty professionals with new clients in their area, including people who want services done in their home.

Booksy helps independent hairdressers — as well as barbers, salons, and other beauty businesses — get discovered, complete bookings, and manage clients.

theCut is a free app that connects barbers to customers in their area. It also lets you take bookings, schedule appointments, and accept payments in one place.

FindYourTrainer helps personal trainers find clients whether they’re looking for training at home or a local gym.

Soothe is an app for on-demand massages; massage therapists can apply to take requests and jobs in their area.

2. Coaching & Sales

ClarityFM connects business owners to their membership of entrepreneurs. If you’re approved as an expert, you can set an hourly rate and take coaching calls.

RepHunter helps independent sales reps find new lines to sell from manufacturers, service providers, and distributors.

3. Food & Travel

Airbnb Experiences is a way for chefs, hikers, and passionate locals to plan and list unique experiences for travelers to their city.

EatWith lets people become “a chef on their terms” by hosting private dinners in their homes and other unique spaces.

Flightfox gives you a chance to put travel-planning skills to good use by helping people find flights, book hotels, and make the most of their loyalty programs.

Hire A Chef is a website created by the United States Personal Chef Association. It connects personal chefs and culinary professionals to people in their area.

ToursByLocals lets you become an independent tour guide and connect with travelers to your city; signup includes training and marketing support.

4. Freelance – Freelancers

Fiverr helps you build your business (and portfolio) in graphic design, digital marketing, writing, translation, programming, and more.

FlexJobs lets you find telecommuting, part-time, freelance, and contract work in more than 50 categories, from project management to sales.

Freelancer lets creatives find jobs in areas like website and app development, brand design, and digital marketing.

Guru is another freelancing platform that helps you find jobs in IT, finance, architecture, legal, admin support, and more.

Hubstaff Talent lets you sign up to find remote work and freelance projects in marketing, design, development, writing, admin, and business consulting.

Moonlighting is a freelance jobs marketplace that covers jobs in all different areas — everything from tech & web to business services and events.

PeoplePerHour connects freelancers (writers, designers, translators, and more) to established businesses, with jobs posted as “hourlies,” design contests, and more.

Toptal hires top freelancer talent in the areas of design, development, and finance. If approved, you can gain access to jobs from companies like Hewlett Packard and Airbnb.

Upwork is an online workplace where you can connect your services to businesses big and small. A popular place for writers, designers, project managers, social media experts, and much more.

5. People & Pet Care is a place to advertise your services as a caregiver for children, pets, seniors, and people with special needs. You’ll also find listings for tutors and household work.

Petsitter matches you with pet owners across the U.S. and Canada and allows you to post related services — kennels, doggy daycares, pet grooming, and more.

Rover (and DogVacay) is a network of pet sitters and dog walkers. Sign up to promote your services, take bookings, and accept payments.

Sittercity helps you find both full-time and part-time babysitting and childcare jobs in cities across the U.S.

6. Teaching & Tutoring

AquaMobile is a swim school in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Apply to be an instructor or lifeguard to get jobs in your area.

Lingoda is an online language school where you can apply to be a teacher. It offers flexible working hours and class materials (plus no contractual commitment).

Skillshare lets you create and deliver classes on topics you’re passionate about and reach students around the world.

Teachers Pay Teachers is an educational marketplace where teachers can sell their resources and lesson plans.

Udemy is a popular platform that gives you the tools to create online courses and teach new skills to people across the globe.

TakeLessons helps you find online tutoring jobs and become private math, language, or music teacher while setting your prices.

Tutor Matching Service is an official private tutoring website of colleges and universities in the U.S. and lets you easily create a tutor profile and find jobs.

Verbling lets you apply to teach your language online, either from home or another convenient location. You can also set your hours and your rates.

Wyzant is a tutoring website that covers 300+ subjects. It lets you sign up to connect with students in person or online and set your rates.

7. Translation

Gengo is a community platform for translators that connects you with jobs and an easy-to-use system to work on (and get paid on).

Trusted Translations lets you sign up to get translation and interpretation jobs from clients around the world.

Unababel helps you work anytime and anywhere as a translator, offering training and evaluation to access paid jobs. The platform supports 28 languages.

8. Virtual Agent or Assistant

Fancy Hands lets you sign up to work as a virtual assistant; tasks include making phone calls, scheduling appointments, finding hotels, and entering data.

Liveops hires virtual agents to meet call center and customer service staffing needs around the world.

9. Web Design & Development

Crowdspring is a place for creatives to sign up to be part of a crowdsourced platform for graphic design, illustration, business naming, and more.

Codeable is a place for WordPress experts and developers to offer their services to businesses and bloggers.

DesignCrowd is another design crowdsourcing site that allows designers to sign up and create apps, ads, labels, signage, and more.

Yeeply is a platform for web and app developers to get certified and find new projects, with a centralized place to manage work and get paid.

10. Writing & Research

Copify is a U.K.-based site that connects freelance writers to jobs. Apply to be on their team to write blog posts, websites, articles, press releases, and more for a variety of clients.

Scripted is a site for writers and content marketers to find work — includes blog posts, email newsletters, social media, and website copy.


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The Future of Video: Where is Video Marketing Going in 2019 and Beyond? [Infographic]

The Future of Video: Where is Video Marketing Going in 2019 and Beyond? [Infographic]

Video marketing is very important for your inbound marketing strategy. Also, the effect of video marketing is growing year after year for all businesses. Online and offline. This is the reason why marketers love video marketing and using it to promote effectively their products or services.

It’s the medium of choice for marketers to create content and increase engagement. (and more importantly, make money!)

Here are some video stats:

70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video. (Wyzowl)
72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate. (Wyzowl)
52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions. (Invodo)
65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video. (Forbes)

With numbers like these already, many marketers are beginning to wonder if the video is a bubble. Where is Video Marketing Going in 2019 and Beyond?

To help answer that question, HubSpot teamed up with uscreen, a VOD platform, to create an infographic that predicts what we can expect from video marketing in 2019, and beyond.

Some of the ideas in the infographic include:

Video is Going Live: Live streaming services are growing in popularity on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media channels. Research indicates live streaming encourages more audience engagement and retains viewers longer than prerecorded video.

Video is Going 1:1: Given the ease of shooting videos with smartphones, marketers are discovering the value of lead nurturing and customer communications by sending personalized video messages instead of calling or sending an email.

The notion of using a 1:1 video approach can apply to following-up on an inquiry, offering content, delivering support, simply saying thanks, or practically any application.

Video is Getting Search-Friendly: AI and the use of closed captions are making video content more searchable. AI can transcribe the audio tracks of video with voice recognition to make video searchable.

Google even recently announced the addition of video previews to the video carousel that appears in search results.

Video is Turning 360: The recent advent of 360-degree video content enables viewers to control their perspective for a more immersive interactive experience.

Check out the full list of trends in the infographic below:

Video marketing is very important for your inbound marketing strategy. Also, the effect of video marketing is growing year after year for all businesses. Online and offline. This is the reason why marketers love video marketing and using it to promote effectively their products or services.
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How to Find New Business Ideas – Where to Search

How to Find New Business Ideas – Where to Search


Business ideas can come when you don’t expect it. But sometimes, you have to search to find a sustainable idea. When you found an idea, it will take some research to make sure that the idea is legal, and that there is a market for it. So you can create a profitable business.

Here are some tips to think about your business ideas.

What problem needs a solution?

A good start for coming up with a business idea is to address a problem that you have experienced or know exists and do your best to come up with a solution that could turn into a profitable business.

What are you good at? – What’s your interests and skills?

Taking something you’re already good at and basing a business around that is a great way to make sure that not only will you be able to do the job, but you will enjoy doing it.

Maybe you have a hidden talent that you never thought of as a big deal. If this skill is something you could see yourself doing more of, it could be a great business idea.

What service do you need or like but it does not exist

This happens all the time. You search the app store looking for something specific thinking that it certainly exists, only to find it doesn’t. This is your chance to move in on a market. You could create an app yourself that could benefit people like you all over the world.

Do you have good ideas?

Once you come up with a few ideas, bounce them off someone or even a group of people. Hold a focus group of sorts. This way, you can get a range of input from different personalities and get a better idea of if your business ideas could actually be lucrative.

Do I make a product that I could sell?

Sometimes the best business ideas are taking your hobby or craft skills and marketing them on a larger platform. If you make clothes, jewelry, art, etc., check out various e-commerce sites for selling handmade items.

There is an audience for these items, and if you can produce something unique, the financial benefits could be great.

Where to search for new ideas

Sometimes you need a visual or similar source for inspiration to spur that lightbulb moment. Here are some places to look for inspiration.

Smartphones and app stores

This could help greatly if you’re considering creating an app. If you know you want to create an app but aren’t sure what exactly you want to create, search through the app store. Search categories of interest and see if you notice whether anything is missing or how apps in that category could be improved on.

Search engines

The internet is incredibly helpful when it comes to finding products and services that you are in the market for. But have you ever searched for something and have just not been able to find it? That it could be a potential opening in the market for you to create.

Social media

People on social media are often quick to identify issues and problems they have with current products, places, processes, etc., but few take the time to come up with a solution.

Searching on social media can give you great insight into problems other people have that you can solve. Online review sites can offer the same.

Other places such as your office, grocery store, school or even your home, can help you come up with a new business idea. Taking a closer look at things that you interact with daily can help you come up with a revolutionary new solution.

Many times a great idea is a very simple solution in a common problem.

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How Very Successful People Think Differently (Motivational Video)

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Need to Market to Under 18’s? Here’s Where to Find Them Online [Infographic]

Is your product or service targeted towards under 18’s? Want to know where your business needs a presence to market to them effectively?