blogging business google infographic marketing profits Social Media

The Role of Video in Marketing for 2018 [Infographic]

Are you considering adding video to your marketing strategy in 2018? Want to know the current trends that will likely affect your approach? Trends and predictions for 2018 in this infographic.
blogging business google infographic marketing profits Social Media

How to Successfully Manage Negative Social Media Comments

blogging business google marketing profits Social Media

The Role Of SEO And Social Media To Your Online Success

SEO is one of the most essential tools for marketing. Keywords, backlinks, on page optimization and quality content are used to highlight a website for increased traffic and rank higher. It is surprising for many business owners that the social media is giving more prompt services than SEO. The truth is seo and social media are the two tools for marketing but social media has gained more popularity. Social media is related to online visibility and known as the basic source for high ranking. Here are the basic reasons which have elevated the rank of social media for the development and success of a business:

Link building and Social Media

It is astonishing that Google gives permission for building links on other websites. Basically the link building is related to social connection, as URL of various websites is posted for marketing. Google has banned the unreal votes for building links. It is the strategy of Google that it gives favor to websites which have gained coverage on social media and has connected various social members on their web pages.

Social Media and Followers

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many other social networking sites have an option for followers. It is the way to make a group of fans, who are able to view your content and share with their friends. It is the basic aim of social media to keep in touch the users. Whenever a blog is posted, people share it on social sites so that their followers and friends can check the content. Moreover, websites have given an option for visitors to share their favorite content on their social networking site. It is true that these activities cannot make the visitors as customers, but increases the traffic to your website for giving it the highest rank.

Social Media and Online Presence

The difference between seo and social media is that social media has more power to enhance the online visibility. For SEO services, it is necessary to use different signs for building links. On the other hand, social media is a world of communication and connection. Whenever a change occurs, it is noticed by all followers. It has made necessary for businesses to improve their presence with the help of social sites. Here a business company can find the relevant traffic easily.

Social Signals

The role of seo and social media is a bit similar but there are great differences as well. Google checks the rate of a website through social media. If social contents are shared regularly, great number of visitors checks the website, the number of followers is getting increased and social sharing is offered without any restrictions than these social signals help out the website owner.

Your business needs SEO and Social Media to succeed online. But Google like much more great content and social sharing. So it’s
up to you to decide what your business needs more to your online success.

blogging business google infographic marketing profits Social Media

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