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Energy Market and 6 Types of Renewable Energy [Infographic]

Energy Market and 6 Types of Renewable Energy [Infographic]

Renewable energy is energy from the earth’s natural resources that are not finite or exhaustible (wind and sunlight). Renewable energy is an alternative to traditional energy that relies on fossil fuels and is not harmful to the environment. (eco-friendly)

Energy Market and Types of Renewable Energy

6 Types of Renewable Energy

  1. Solar

Solar energy is energy from sunlight and converting it into heat, electricity, or hot water. Photovoltaic (PV) systems can convert direct sunlight into electricity through the use of solar cells.

Benefits of Solar Energy

One of the benefits of solar energy is that sunlight is endless. There is a limitless supply of solar energy. Relying on solar energy rather than fossil fuels also helps us improve public health and environmental conditions.

Solar energy could also eliminate energy costs, and reduce your energy bills. Many countries help the investment in solar energy by providing rebates or tax credits.

  1. Wind

Wind farms capture the energy of wind flow by using turbines and converting it into electricity. There are many systems to convert wind energy.

Commercial-grade wind-powered generating systems can power many different organizations. Single-wind turbines are used to help supplement pre-existing energy organizations.

Another form is utility-scale wind farms, which are purchased by contract or wholesale.

Benefits of Wind Energy

Wind energy is a clean energy source, which means that it doesn’t pollute the air like other forms of energy. Wind energy doesn’t produce carbon dioxide or release any harmful products that can cause environmental degradation or negatively affect human health like smog, acid rain, etc.

Investment in wind energy technology can also open up new avenues for jobs and job training, as the turbines on farms need to be serviced and maintained to keep running.

  1. Hydroelectric

Dams are what people most associate with when it comes to hydroelectric power. Water flows through the dam’s turbines to produce electricity, known as pumped-storage hydropower. Run-of-river hydropower uses a channel to funnel water through rather than powering it through a dam.

Benefits of Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric power is very versatile and can be generated using both large-scale projects (like the Hoover Dam) and small-scale projects like underwater turbines and lower dams on small rivers and streams.

Hydroelectric power does not generate pollution, and therefore is a much more environmentally-friendly energy option for our environment.

  1. Geothermal

Geothermal heat is heat that is trapped beneath the earth’s crust from the formation of the Earth 4.5 billion years ago and radioactive decay. Sometimes large amounts of this heat escape naturally, but all at once, resulting in familiar occurrences, such as volcanic eruptions and geysers.

This heat can be captured and used to produce geothermal energy by using steam that comes from the heated water pumping below the surface, which then rises to the top and can be used to operate a turbine.

Benefits of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is not as common as other types of renewable energy sources, but it has a significant potential for energy supply. Since it can be built underground, it leaves very little footprint on the land.

  1. Hydrogen

Hydrogen needs to be combined with other elements, such as oxygen to make water as it does not occur naturally as a gas on its own. When hydrogen is separated from another element it can be used for both fuel and electricity.

Benefits of Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen can be used as a clean-burning fuel, which leads to less pollution and a cleaner environment. It can also be used for fuel cells which are similar to batteries and can be used for powering an electric motor.

  1. Biomass

Bioenergy is renewable energy derived from biomass. Biomass is organic matter that comes from recently living plants and organisms. Using wood in your fireplace is an example of biomass that most people are familiar with.

There are various methods used to generate energy through the use of biomass. This can be done by burning biomass or harnessing methane gas which is produced by the natural decomposition of organic materials in ponds or even landfills.

Benefits of Biomass Energy

The use of biomass in energy production creates carbon dioxide that is put into the air, but the regeneration of plants consumes the same amount of carbon dioxide, which is said to create a balanced atmosphere.

Biomass can be used in many different ways in our daily lives, not only for personal use but for businesses as well. In 2017, energy from biomass made up about 5% of the total energy used in the U.S.

These days people can improve the environment with greener energy solutions (Renewable Energy). If you’re a homeowner, you can install solar panels in your home.

Solar panels not only reduce your energy costs but help improve your standard of living with a safer, more eco-friendlier energy choice that doesn’t depend on resources that harm the environment.

There are also alternatives for a greener way of life offered by your electric companies.

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Instagram: Tips on How to Market Your Business Successfully

Instagram: Tips on How to Market Your Business Successfully

With more than a billion active users each month, Instagram is one of the most popular and effective social media platforms. Also, it’s a very important marketing tool for business.

Stats show that 38% of US adults use Instagram and 60% of Instagram users have household incomes of $100,000 or more. Also, 90% of Instagram users follow one or more companies and often they buy products or services.

Here are some tips about how to market successfully your business on Instagram

  1. Create a Business Account

If you’re using a personal account it’s better to create a business account. Business accounts allow you to reach current or prospective customers more effectively and easy too.

Also, you can include your store hours and physical address, so shoppers can find this information without searching for you on Google.

How to create a business account on Instagram.

Click on account and then change the listing from personal to business. After setting up your business account, you can choose the category that best fits your products and services.

  1. You Need A Brand Image

Because Instagram is a picture-based medium (Visual Platform), you need to create an effective brand image. The design choices you make can turn prospective customers into long-term buyers of your business.

Important Tip. You need to choose a theme and color scheme that fits your company and products.

  1. Content and Engagement

If you want to attract more followers, it’s crucial to generate engagement. You need to post a wide range of content. For example, you can use a mixture of close-up product images, shots of people using your product, and images that feature your product.

Also, you need to post non-marketing content. For example, custom graphics with motivational quotes are great for inspiring your followers. You need to inspire and entertain your followers.

  1. Use Instagram Stories

It’s not enough to post to Instagram regularly . If you want to maximize your business’ social media presence in 2020, you need to use the Instagram Stories.

Visible for just 24 hours before disappearing forever, Instagram Stories show up at the top of a follower’s feed and last for just a few seconds at a time. So you have a chance to make an effective and attractive impression.

Instagram Stories help small businesses connect with and learn from their customer base. Reports show that 25% of Instagram Stories shared by a brand get a direct reply from followers.

  1. Interact with Your Customers

You need to do more than only post your original content. If you want to boost your marketing campaigns, you need to help and engage with your followers. Answer their questions and show a genuine interest in their lives by liking and commenting on posts.

It’s very important to become a regular presence on Instagram. So current and potential customers can find you right away.

Also, is a necessity to use hashtags when posting. Hashtags help people to find your photos and images pretty fast!

  1. Track the Metrics

It’s pretty difficult to know if your marketing plan is effective or not. It’s very important to track the metrics.

One of the best ways is to use Instagram Insights. To use this tool, go to your profile, tap the hamburger icon, and then tap Insights. Once you’re inside the tool, you can view metrics on posts and stories. Also, you can collect information about your audience.

Instagram Insights shows you what type of posts generated the most engagement. Similar to Google Analytics, this tool helps you to determine what changes you should make to achieve the most success.

Also, you need to know that tips, trends, and hacks are changing pretty fast because the technology and the online world are changing too.

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Small business: 7 Tips on How to Use YouTube to Market Your Business

Small business: 7 Tips on How to Use YouTube to Market Your Business

YouTube is a very popular and famous video platform. So you can use YouTube as a video marketing tool to market (promote) your small business. With YouTube it’s very easy to communicate your brand message to your target audience.

Here are some tips about how to use YouTube to market your business successfully.

  1. Use YouTube to Gain Trust

People prefer to buy from people or businesses they know and trust. YouTube provides a very effective way to present yourself and make your audience feel like they know you.

Post one or more YouTube videos to introduce yourself and why you’re in business. Show to your viewers that you can help them to solve their problems or fill their needs.

You need to make a quick, awesome impression about you and your business. You don’t want to bore them with many unuseful details.

  1. Use YouTube to Show the Features and Benefits of Your Products

Post videos of your products in use, which will show off your products’ benefits and features.

You can use a high-quality camera or use your smartphone camera. Create a script and edit the script so it contains only information that’s essential to know.

  1. Use YouTube to Prove Your Expertise

Your customers and target audience are looking for the best product or service to satisfy their needs or solve their problems.

You need to post informative videos containing tips and tricks, results of the studies you’ve conducted, solutions you’ve provided, and other materials that demonstrate your expertise and make it believable to the audience.

  1. Use YouTube to Present Customer Testimonials

If you have some customers who like your products or business, get their permission and take videos of them talking about their experiences.

The videos will seem more true to life than they would if they were recorded in a formal setting, and thus gain more interest from viewers.

  1. Use YouTube to Create “how-to” Videos Related to Your Products

You can upload instructional videos in a step-by-step way about how to use your product. Buyers often want to know what’s involved with using a product or service before they buy it.

The how-to videos you post will go hand-in-hand with “in action” videos so that your customers get a complete picture of your products.

  1. Use YouTube Live Stream – The New Trend

For an even more personal touch, you can use a YouTube Live Stream. Use the event to launch a new product, answer customer questions, interview experts on subject matter related to your field, or run a workshop. Your event will be broadcast live on YouTube and can then be added to your YouTube channel.

  1. Use YouTube to Market Your Videos – And Business –

Once you’ve recorded and posted the videos, be sure to market them. You will need to promote your videos to help get them found. Advertise your video with links on your website, your email list, and postings to your social media pages. You need to generate targeted traffic to reach more interested people and increase sales.

Here is a very effective way to increase YouTube views and traffic. Free Video Marketing: 1000 YouTube Views for FREE


Small Business: Identifying Gaps and Give Solutions

Small Business: Identifying Gaps and Give Solutions

Market gaps are opportunities for your small business. A gap in the market is an area that current businesses aren’t serving. It’s very simple. There is a need (problem) and you fill that need (solution). Every successful business has filled a market gap.

Opportunities and Growth Ideas

If you are looking for growth opportunities market gaps can be amazing sources of inspiration for your next big idea or your next startup business.

Know Your Strengths: It’s not just the right idea you are looking for. It doesn’t do you any good to find a gap in the market that you can’t take advantage of. So before you start to look for market gaps, it makes sense for you to know exactly your strengths.

Start by making a list of your perceived strengths. Use past experiences to guide you. Think about what you’re most happy doing. Think about what you have the most success doing.

Revisit old critiques or performance reviews to pick out anything that might give you some insight. Reach out to colleagues for honest feedback that can help you figure out what specific strengths you could use.

Niche Markets: Small business owners often think too broadly when it comes to the market. However, it is always better to think small when it comes to gaps in the market. The more specific your market, the more likely you’ll be able to target them effectively.

You need to make sure that the market is big enough to sustain growth. It should have many existing products because that shows you that there is demand in the market. There should also be a customer base. Without those things, your niche market is not big enough to support a small business.

Niches markets are also great places to copy a market gap. If you see that someone has successfully filled a gap in the market in one industry, you could recreate that success in a similar one.

Identify Unsolved Problems: Solving an existing problem you will attract more consumers, generate more sales, and your products practically sell themselves.

Customers Can Identify Market Gaps

A very effective way to find those hidden gaps is to ask your potential customers what they are missing in the current market. You can do that by researching industry trends.

Customer surveys may drive you in the right direction. You could also do some research into current customer opinion by simply going over the worst reviews of the competitors. That can give you some insight into what your competitors aren’t doing right and give you the chance to do it better.

Focusing on a market gap also helps you make sure you avoid diving into a market that is already oversaturated. A saturated market is often a dead-end for new businesses.

Make your research, read reviews about market gaps or needs, learn the new trends and tips about your target market. Create a new marketing plan and start your new awesome small business.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips: Why Market Research is Very Important

Affiliate Marketing Tips: Why Market Research is Very Important


The more you know about your audience, the easier it’ll be to make sales and money. It’s an essential step that many affiliates skip. why market research is so important, and some tools you can use to research campaigns.

Why You Should Research Your Market

Market research takes time, but it’s very important for your marketing success. Here are some tips you need to know.

1. Targeting Promotion – Interests

Sometimes the most obvious targeting isn’t the best. If you’re promoting makeup products on YouTube, for example, it makes sense to target makeup, beauty, etc, channels.

But everyone else is thinking the exact same thing and the competition’s going to be rough. You’re going to be directly competing against the big makeup brands, and it’s pretty difficult to win the competition.

Instead, you can research the audience to find out what other interests they might have. This means you have an audience of people who buy makeup – where else do they hang out? What else are they into?

Well, maybe they like celebrity gossip or fitness.

Targeting those channels could mean you’re targeting a similar audience, but with much less competition.

2. Copywriting and Sales

Copywriting is the art of using your words to sell. The more persuasive you can be then the more sales you’ll get.

Let’s say you want to promote a solar energy lead generation offer. What are people concerned about?

You can google frequently asked questions about Solar Energy and discover some objections:

Will my home have power if the sun isn’t shining or if there’s bad weather?
What kind of tax rebates and incentives are out there?
Whats the benefits of solar energy for me?

People aren’t going to sign up until they know the answers to these questions.

Doing the research lets you know WHAT their pain points are, WHY they buy, and WHY they wouldn’t buy.

You can incorporate some of these objectives into your headlines, ads, landing page copy, emails, and more.

3. Know What the Competition is Doing

Besides directly researching the audience, you need to research the competitors.

They might’ve already found some winning ads and landing pages. You can make variations of what’s already working instead of starting over from scratch.

Don’t be afraid of competition – It means that the offer converts and that there’s a hungry audience.

Where to Do Market Research

So now you know how market research can benefit you. There are plenty of places online that you can do market research for your campaigns.

Facebook Audience Insights

This is one of the most underrated market research tools out there.

You can find it in the Ads Manager.

There are multiple ways to use the tools including researching the overall Facebook audience.

Some things to look for:

Demographic information, e.g. age, gender, etc.
What pages and influencers the audience follows. What interests they have. This can help you expand your targeting.
Location. This is great if you want to focus on specific countries.

Reddit – Niche Subreddits

Reddit is a great place to learn what people are really saying.

Are you promoting makeup? Drop into
Promoting coffee gadgets?

You get the point.

Here’s a pro tip: create an account and ask questions.

Important! Reddit users are actually quite good at sniffing out marketers/researchers. Create an account, and actually building up some history and participating with the community first.


Buzzsumo is a very effective tool that lets you see what the most viral and shared pieces of content are on a given topic.

Read Reviews

Find and read reviews about the products or services you want to promote. Discover the pros and cons and what the users believe about.

Attention! read reviews only from trusted websites, because many reviews are fake!

Make your research and discover the interests and the problems of your target audience. Give solutions and help them. You will gain their trust and also, you will increase your sales. Very Simple!


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