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Social Media: 7 Tips on How to Improve Engagement and Grow Your business

Social Media: 7 Tips on How to Improve Engagement and Grow Your business

It’s essential to understand the value of social media engagement and how it can affect the growth of your business. Many businesses and marketers still ignore that social media can boost their brand or generate more sales.

Attention! Without good content, you will not get the engagement you desire.

Social Media Tips: How to Improve Engagement and Grow Your business

Here are some tips you need to know about how to improve engagement and grow your business with social media.

  1. Best times to post on social media

It depends on what time your target audience is active on social media. But you can share your posts at random time intervals.

You can use random time intervals that do not follow any specific pattern (like 9:15, 3:50, 18:30, etc). It helps break free from the common intervals of social posting when everyone else is.

Try to stay ahead of all the noise and content on social platforms. You can try random times and see what works best for you.

  1. Long-Form Content

Long-form content is a good tip. Write more than a few words per sentence and make it interesting, educational, and engaging. There is too much fluff out there and in-depth content will help boost engagement.

Search engine ranking for blog content has already proved that long-form content works best and that now applies to social media. Twitter only recently extended its character count and LinkedIn and Facebook already have allowed that.

Not everything you share needs to be long-form. But it should be essential in your arsenal when posting. Your networks are more willing to read, click, and comment on material that is well-thought-out and informative.

  1. Use Hashtags and Tagging

The hashtag is a powerful feature for your social media engagement strategy (but should not be abused or you’ll look spammy). No one likes to see social posts from spam-bots.

Hashtags are not just for Twitter and Instagram, but they are useful with Facebook and LinkedIn. Many people are not using hashtags on Facebook or LinkedIn consistently. They ignore the opportunity to attract and engage more people.

Also, you can look ahead at hashtags that actually have some traction in your niche or topic.

Users who use the most widely used hashtags that are relevant to their content will reach a much larger audience. Also, content that sharing with hashtags receives up to 2x more engagements and clicks.

Additionally, you can use the “@” feature to tag people, companies, writers, etc. In social media posts will be a useful engagement tactic. But you need to be cautious and selective like hashtags or you may quickly get blocked.

  1. Use Emojis

These days emojis are used in social posts to boost engagement. They are popular, effective, and help content stand out a bit.

Also, emojis helps you to add your own unique personality or style to your social posts. Show off your style and make your post “pop” more.

  1. Comments, Likes, and Engagement

A pretty useful tip to boost engagement is to build relationships with people in your networks. You can use re-shares, comments, likes, to build a more personal and human touch.

You are seen as more engaged, involved, and more humanized. Getting involved builds a trust that your networks will appreciate and be more willing to engage with your future social posts.

Also, you can use identified hashtags and engage with new people who have similar interests to you or your niche. This can help not only build new social media engagement but can help grow your network of people who will like, enjoy, and trust your content.

  1. Mix-Up Your Content

It’s easy to get into a rhythm of just sharing links to articles. Only posting can get a bit repetitive and less engaging with your networks.

Instead, mix-up the content you share on social media. Re-purpose a blog post into a short video that could be shared, use specific parts to create images with no links, create gifs, etc.

Mixing-up your content in different mediums will help boost engagement and can boost older material that looks recent or innovative.

  1. Last Tip

Posting content a few times a day is not enough to build credibility, grow your network, or improve engagement.

Use these tips and techniques for a period of time, monitor your engagement, see which working best, and focus more on those specifically. Use types of content that attract more people, generate engagement and build relationships with your followers.

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Small Business: 3 Tips on How to Improve Your Online Presence

In 2020, many things have changed. We’ve seen business models disrupted, customer habits and behaviors altered, and small businesses transformed. Many of these changes involved adopting new technologies and using new digital strategies.

Now, let’s see how can you improve your online presence, reach more potential customers, build long-term relationships with your existing customer base, and build brand awareness for your small business.

Here are some tips about how to improve your online presence and increase sales.

Small Business Tips: How to Improve Your Online Presence

  1. People will Choose Businesses with Useful Online Service

Stats show that consumers are preferring online shopping channels. 67% of shoppers report they are more likely to choose a provider with quality and useful online service.

When asked about their preferred mix between using online channels and in-person interaction, 37% of shoppers prefer to interact through online channels in a post-COVID-19 world.

94% report the overall experience they’ve had with online interactions with service providers met or exceeded their expectations.

Many reports show that people like to use a buy online and pick up system.

No matter what they’re looking for, consumers are turning to the internet to find it.

  1. How To Improve Your Online Presence

So, if consumers are spending money online, you need to create a robust online presence. Discover how to do that.

Build a professional website

Websites are essential for every business. If you don’t have a website, it’s easy to build yourself or outsource the task to a professional. You’ll need a domain name. Many companies sell domain names, and most are inexpensive.

Your domain name does not necessarily need to match your company name. Instead, you can use keywords describing your business. You can use words that a consumer would search for when looking for a business such as yours.

Reach Your Target Audience on Social Media

Social media usage is growing worldwide. Stats show that there are about 233 million social media users. Also, 75% of consumers follow brands on social media and 97% of these consumers interact on social media with the brands they follow.

You don’t need to be present on every social media site but you need to focus on the ones that are most popular with your target audience.

Build Your Online Store

If you plan to sell products online, you’ll need an e-commerce store or site.

You can build an e-commerce platform on your site by adding e-commerce tools. Many web hosts offer e-commerce packages.

Use a hosted provider, such as Shopify or BigCommerce.

Create a store on the online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or Etsy.

Your online store doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to be clear and easy to navigate. 95% of consumers say clear images, product descriptions, and stock availability are the primary factors that lead to an online purchase.

Important Tip: Many consumers are browsing and making purchases on their mobile devices, so it’s crucial your site and online store are mobile-friendly.

  1. How to Increase Traffic and Sales

You have to drive traffic to your site and raise awareness for your company. There are various ways to do that.

Use an SEO Strategy

You need to optimize your site so consumers can discover you when they search online. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a component of search engine marketing (SEM). Both can get a little complex, so you may outsource this task.

About 93% of online activity starts at a search engine. That applies to online searches for local businesses as well. To optimize for a search engine, use Google’s Keyword Planner tool (free) to find out which keywords are most popular about your business.

It also helps to use those keywords in your website copy, headlines, subheads, and captions.

Use Online Directories

Many consumers are using online business directories. They are an online listing of businesses (the online version of the Yellow Pages).

Start by claiming your free listing on Google My Business. Your business may already have a listing, but if you haven’t “claimed” it, it’s probably not correct or complete.

Use your Google My Business information to create listings on the other search directories and local maps.

Use Reviews

You can use online ratings and review sites. Many consumers “discover” new businesses when looking up other companies. These sites can help you to build your online presence because consumers are using these sites.

88% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses.

74% of consumers only pay attention to reviews written in the last month.

When writing a review, 22% of consumers expect to receive a response within one day.

It’s crucial to respond to every review across these platforms, good or bad. Because customers will see that you are active with positive and negative feedback and you can provide them with excellent customer service.

Use Retargeting Marketing

A small online advertising budget can get you big results and quickly build your online presence and brand awareness.

Consumers need more than one impression to drive a sale. Retargeting ads and retargeting marketing can help you to increase your sales.

Stats show that 47% of marketers say retargeting is one of the most overlooked online marketing methods.

A great bonus of retargeting marketing is that consumers will see your products, services, and your brand name all over the web as they surf to other sites!

Google AdWords is the most popular platform for advertising. Also, you can use Bing or Yahoo. You’ll pay a small fee every time someone clicks on your ads—this is known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Use High-Quality Content

“Content is king” is a well-known phrase and it’s an essential element in building an online presence. The more content you create, the more opportunities consumers and search engines have to discover your business.

You should be adding content to your website and social channels. Also, you can post video content to social media platforms (including YouTube). Even you can use guest posts. Writing for other sites or blogs is a great way to spread brand awareness.

Last Tip

If you want to show up online, and improve your online presence, you need to be present, be active, and engage.

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Coronavirus and Stress: Useful Tips on How to Avoid Stress and Improve Your Life

The coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to grow and affect all the world. Logically, you begin to feel more stressed. Information is rapidly changing and can be confusing, overwhelming, and even scary. You may experience fear, stress, and anxiety.

Here are some useful tips to avoid coronavirus stress and improve your life.

  1. Nutrition: Fruits and Vegetables

If you are stressed, the central nervous system releases adrenaline and cortisol, which affects your mood. Also, stress can kill the appetite, but the release of the hormone cortisol can cause fat and sugar cravings.

Research also suggests that high cortisol combined with high sugar consumption may prompt the deposition of fat around our internal organs. A diet high in a variety of nutrients can both protect health and provide more physical energy.

You need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

  1. Massage and Stretches: Relax

Because stress causes muscles to tense, being stressed out can create tension headaches, backaches, etc. You can avoid these symptoms with stretches, massage, or warm baths. You can try progressive muscle relaxation to reduce anxiety and improve mental health.

  1. Meditate: Benefits of Meditation

Many reports show that mindful meditation can reduce psychological stress and anxiety. To get started, set aside five minutes in a quiet place to sit and breathe. Focus on the present moment. Free your mind and avoid negative emotions.

  1. Sleep Better: Activity and Relaxation

Daytime stress affects nighttime sleep. Try to have a consistent sleep routine that allows time to wind down before lights out. Meditation and relaxation can help with insomnia.

Also, avoid caffeine and alcohol in the late afternoon and evening. Blue light can suppress the sleepy hormone melatonin (checking social media may ramp up your emotions.) Also, physical activity can improve sleep, especially for middle-aged adults.

  1. More Physical Activity:

The activity can not only improve sleep, but it can win stress. Studies show that working adults who participated in moderate physical activity had not much stress as working adults who did not participate.

Physical activity may also help to avoid the negative effects of stress, including the impact of stress on the immune system.

Adding physical activity needn’t be expensive or complex: A 30-minute walk or a dance session in the living room can do the trick.

  1. Go Out To Nature:

Studies have found that green space improves mood. Effective Tip. Even nature videos can speed recovery from stress. Nature can calm your mind.

  1. Keep Your Common Activities: Humor and Laugh

When life gets overwhelming, people often leave their common or pleasure activities first. Even when time is tight, look for opportunities to do something for yourself, whether that means reading a novel, singing, dancing, or watch your favorite comedy on tv.

Humor and laughter can benefit both mental and physical health. Humor is the best medicine!

  1. Reframe your thinking: Emotions and Thoughts

One of the most effective treatments for stress and anxiety is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. You need to understand that our thoughts influence our emotions, which influences our behaviors. (We are emotional creatures!)

Reframing your thoughts can help manage your emotions, reducing feelings of stress.

Tip: If you think and imagine worst-case scenarios, stop and put your mind elsewhere. Avoid negative thoughts and use humor to improve your life.

  1. Ask a Doctor:

If you feel overwhelmed and self-help isn’t helping, look for a psychologist or doctor who can help you learn how to manage your stress effectively. Change your environment and change your thoughts.

The coronavirus is very big trouble and dangerous but it’s not the end of the world. You can win the pandemic if you think positively, use humor, and protect yourself and your family. Positive psychology is your great advantage to improve your life. Start Now!

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Lifelong Learning: Benefits and Advantages You Need to Know [Infographic]

Lifelong learning is the process of gaining knowledge and learning new skills for the rest of your life. Many people continue their education for personal development or they want to start a new career/job.

There are many benefits, advantages, and reasons to keep learning. These days there are many online courses and people can now explore and learn about any subject or interest they want.

Here are some benefits and advantages you need to know about lifelong learning.

  1. Improve Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is your trust in yourself. It comes from knowledge, experience, and the skills that you possess. Taking an online course and learning new skills can provide a pretty effective boost to your self-confidence.

  1. Find New Interests

Take every opportunity to enrich yourself and learn something new; take a course, read, watch TED conferences online, or attend webinars in your field of interest.

  1. Keep Your Brain Healthy

Many studies show that learning keeps your brain functioning at a high level. The brain is a muscle; continue to keep it in shape by giving it new challenges and opportunities for learning and growth.

Also, mental facilities are best protected when they are used often, and continued learning can slow the physical process of Alzheimer’s Disease.

  1. Learn Practical Life Skills

Besides professional knowledge, it’s very important to learn practical skills such as handling your finances, improving your communication skills, or how to improve yourself. Courses on these subjects are available online for students of any age!

  1. Positive Paradigm for Your Children

Set a good example for your children by letting them see you work hard at self-improvement and continuing your education. Working alongside each other towards individual goals will increase the chances that you both will be successful!

  1. Learn and Discover

Take a course in a subject you enjoy such as cooking, photography, or writing. You never know what other interests you might discover!

  1. Better Sleep Just as when you exercise your body and it gets tired; when you exercise your mind, your mind gets tired. Give your mind a workout by studying a new subject or learning a new skill.
  2. Stay Healthy – Avoid Stress

There are many not-so-obvious health benefits to learning. Becoming organized and practicing time management techniques can help reduce stress in your life. Learning the basics of nutrition may help you to make improvements to your diet. Exploring health and fitness courses may inspire you to take better care of your body or start jogging, walking, swimming, etc.

  1. Longer, Better, Life

Many stats show that lifelong learning keeps the brain sharp and active, and that leads to a longer and better life. Very Simple!

  1. Find A New Better Job

You need to know new industry trends, tips, and developments as this show your employer that you are knowledgeable about your work and can adapt to changes. You can attend seminars, webinars, or conferences. Also, you can find a new better job.

Expand your network, find an expert, and make new friends.

  1. Motivation

Having an interest in your job can help you feel more confident about your work. If you find that you’re losing interest in what you do, learning something new can ignite your spirit and help you become motivated again. Never stop to learn – Keep Going!

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Email Marketing in 2020: Stats and Tips to Improve Your Strategy [Infographic]

Email marketing is a pretty effective tool to grow your business. Also, it’s an easy way to reach your target audience and increase your sales. Here are some tips and stats you need to know about how to improve your email marketing strategy.

  1. Brief Subject Lines

Stats show that subject line between 28 characters and 38 characters work better (open rate 14.8%)

  1. Use video on Your Profile Page

Publish a video on your profile page and you will get a 127% increase in email inquiries with a boost of 138% in click-through rate.

  1. Online Marketing – Email Marketing

More than 70% of marketers are using email marketing. It is affordable, effective, and responsive.

  1. Email Marketing and ROI

A well-implemented email marketing strategy can increase the ROI of 122% or even more.

  1. Use Segmentation

You need a target-oriented and well-segmented email list. It will deliver 18-22 times a better revenue rate than a general blast of emails to all prospects.

  1. Send Emails at the Right Time

As a smart marketer, you must choose the time wisely to get a maximum open rate for your email campaign. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to send emails between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.

  1. Video Content Generate More Engagement

Reports show that this year (2020), about 85% of online engagement will be generated with video publishing. So it’s pretty important to use video content.

Email marketing has shown excellent results for marketers and businesses. It is essential to understand the importance of email marketing and how it can help you to connect with the right prospects (target audience) in the right way.

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