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Tips on How to Boost Your Business With Gifts [Infographic]

Giving gifts is one of the best ways to promote your business. As you know all business owners want to attract more clients and generate more sales. With an effective method of advertisement, you can reach more potential customers and leads.

Here are some tips about how to boost your business with gifts.

  1. Increase the Visibility of Your Brand

Promotional gifts have the power to increase the visibility of your brand and also help to build relationships with your customers. With the help of this unique marketing technique, you can advertise your business and grow your brand.

When people receive gifts from your business they will feel happy and they will promote your brand for free!

  1. Attract More Traffic and Customers

With the help of gifts, you can increase the traffic for your business. When you offering gifts to all your clients they will try those products and they will take the next step, of purchasing more of your products. Your clients will become loyal customers.

  1. Build a Positive Impression

Giving unique and creative gifts for all your business associates and clients will help your brand promotion. This method will help in creating a positive impression, in the minds of your clients. Gifts will make them understand how much you care for them.

Gifts will allow you to create a positive image of your brand, and help to increase the reputation of your business in the industry as well.

Gifts it’s one of the best and cost-effective methods to increase your business sales. This is a big advantage for your business and your revenue. Your customers will become much loyal and you will gain their trust.

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How to Market Effectively Your Business with Promotional Gifts

How to Market Effectively Your Business with Promotional Gifts


Gifts are loved by people. Gifts are given to the customer to thank them and most of the customers are more than happy to receive gifts from companies. The thank you gifts cannot only be presented to existing customers but also to potential customers when they try a new product of the company.

This would encourage them to buy other products, which will increase the company sales. This practice can be made more advantageous by making it a marketing and branding strategy, which helps in expanding business along with earning customer goodwill.

Sending promotional gifts is a means of rewarding clients to appreciate their kind cooperation throughout the years. They will make customers feel that they are valued.

When a person is gifted with something that he/she can use, there is a probability that they will not only enjoy it, but they will also keep it for some time, might be for several years and they will remember the company.

One of the better methods is to print the name of the company on the gift. This doesn’t involve any strategy and can be implemented even if there is a lack of imagination. Name and brand recognition can be established by getting the logo of the company or information of the company printed on the gift.

This also helps build recognition among potential customers.

Also, give the customers the gifts that last long. The longer the gift lasts the longer the customer will remember your company. Gifts like a pen, keychain, coffee mug, calendar, refrigerator magnets, etc. which not only lasts forever but are something that is observed and used many times a day.

There are certain gifts, which can fit the budget, promote marketing and at the same time serve the purpose of the gift.

Calendars are one of the most opted gifts by small companies as promotional products. They aren’t expensive and are used year round. Following them are office supplies. Stationary tub, embedded pens, sticky pads and diaries containing the logo of the company are very good gift ideas too.

Desktop accessories are the next best things. Things like pen stand, paperweight are hot giveaways.

For home gifts like fridge magnets, coffee mugs are ideal gifts. They, too, get noticed many times a day. The good thing about them is they can be modeled in different colors, shapes, and styles and can be unique when compared to other’s promotional products.

They are more like collectible items. Innovation can increase the interest of the user in this regard.

Keychains are also something which is carried everywhere and they don’t even cost too much. Usually, people use the promotional ones to store spare keys. T-shirts and cap are a bit expensive but are worth the investment. They are usually worn outside and people around can easily sight the company’s name and logo and they function as a walking billboard.

Creativity is the key to selecting a right gift to market your and so is the money. But the gift should be selected such that it earns maximum returns.

Also, it’s very effective to send a sales letter with your promotional gifts. The effective sales letter will increase the interest of your customers for your products or services.

How to write a winning sales letter

Writing a sales letter is tough and writing a winning sales letter is even tougher. The sales managers should put them in people’s shoes and ask what “benefit “would I get by reading this sales letter? Remember that word “benefit” increase the interest of the customer.

You should always remember that a sales letter works only when you have a product to sell and an offer to make. A sales letter should not be an introduction to your product or company. Remember every word is important in the sales letter and do not waste a single one which would distract your potential customer’s attention.

They are not interested in the features of your product but an offer or a benefit to them. Think from the customer’s point of view and ask yourselves why should I read the letter? Is there any benefit or offer to me which cannot be refused?

After keeping in mind these things, sales managers should apply thought in presenting their letter. The header or the headline is very crucial to any sales letter. It should target directly to the customers of your product.

Also, you need to be little tactful in the use of words. But if you are not good at the trade do not attempt to do it and rather be simple in writing it. The headline should not be more a line, so try to be as specific as possible but with maximum effect.

Nobody has time to read each and every sales letter. If you are not able to convey your message to the audience in stipulated time, then you have lost those customers.

The headline should start with a benefit being offered to the customer. This ensures that the customer goes to the body of the letter at least.

Now, it’s the time to work on the body of the letter.

How to maintain the level of enthusiasm that you created in the customer’s mind with the heading? Once again it is important to remember to not to focus on features of the product you are trying to sell but on the benefits and offers you are making to them.

Things like how much money it is going to save them and how it would affect their lives should be mentioned in the body of the letter. Make them realize a need for it. The successful sales letter fill their needs.

Remember, a person reading your sales letter will constantly get questions in mind as to how this will benefit me, after each and every sentence. So be ready to clear those doubts and answer the questions.

Being little informal in the approach wouldn’t do a harm and try to grab the attention by relating things to real life things. You can add a little bit of humor but unless you are sure that it won’t be in the bad taste of the reader.

Bring in a few previous clients to give testimony of your products. But keep the testimonials believable and something that people can relate to.

Once you’ve made clear about the product, do not forget to prompt your audience to take action. If it is an email, prompt your reader to click on a link to act now or provide a contact number if it is a direct mail.

Also remind them again that if you don’t act now you will forfeit the offer as the offer is for a limited time only.

Once you are done with the letter, one of the important parts of the sales letter is P.S. Many people simply read the beginning and end of the letter. So, try to convey something that will prompt them to go back to the letter and read it. It will be a perfect end to the sales letter.