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Freelancers: 9 Tips on How To Make Money Online In 2021

Freelancers love the idea of being your boss and make money online. It’s very attractive indeed. As a freelancer, you have to run your small business. You need to find clients, convincing them to hire you, and delivering quality work on time.

Freelancers: How To Make Money Online In 2021

Working as a full-time freelancer is easier than many people think. But you need to have the marketing and management skills to grow your business.

Here are some effective tips about how to make money online in 2021 as a freelancer.

  1. Create a Portfolio to Show Off Your Skills

Before you dive into the world of freelancing, it’s important to create an attractive portfolio.

You’ll need to have an impressive portfolio if you want to convince clients to hire you. You can use your previous work and select the pieces that you think represent your skills to be part of your portfolio.

Then start investing in the technology that you need to complete your job, and decide where exactly you’ll work. Having a dedicated area to work can make a big difference in your productivity.

Also, it’s important to have a LinkedIn profile and your website. You can create a blog that you update regularly.

  1. Facts and Samples of Your Work

Talk about yourself and your work with facts.

If you’re trying to convince a potential client that you’re very good at creating content for business blogs, send them samples of business blogs that you’ve written before.

As you know “Actions speak louder than words”. Your skills are worth more than you think.

Remember that you are not a full-time employee. So your client will not spend money on your health insurance, benefits, or rent an office for you.

Also, you won’t be paid for many tasks that are required for running your business, like invoicing, marketing, ads, etc.

  1. Create a Plan

Before you start freelancing, you need to decide what you want to accomplish. If you’re quitting a full-time job to start freelancing professionally, one of your primary goals is to make enough money to support yourself.

Figure out how much you can charge for your work, how many projects you’ll need per month, and how many potential clients you need.

  1. Market Yourself and Promote Your Work

Don’t just sit back once you’ve set up your website and assume that clients are going to find you. Advertise to targeted clients using LinkedIn groups, Facebook, Twitter, even TikTok. Use any site that you think will appeal to the people and businesses you want to work for.

Here are a few freelance sites you can use.

People Per Hour

Also, you can create business cards to connect with potential clients in the real world. Local market, shops, local tv, or radio, etc.

  1. Go to Networking Events to Find more Clients

In local networking events and conferences, you can introduce yourself to potential clients. Also, in professional networking events, you can meet other freelancers and get advice and tips about how to work successfully as a freelancer.

  1. Ask for Testimonials

You don’t have to talk up your skills yourself. You can have satisfied clients do it for you. Getting a recommendation from a client is a great way to reach new clients because it shows that you’re good at your work.

The next time a client emails you to thank you for the good work you’ve done, politely ask them if they can write a short testimonial for you. Most people understand how important these testimonials are for you and will help you.

  1. Build Your Brand

Your brand is your identity. You have to show clients your abilities and why they need to hire you.

Keep updating your blog, social media profiles, and portfolio will show off your best professional self – freelancer.

When you send a pitch email, include a link to your website, LinkedIn profile, and relevant project samples.

  1. Popular Freelancing Jobs

If you are thinking about how to make you some extra money online. Now is the time to think about some ideas regarding your skills, hobbies, interests, and knowledge base.

These days many freelancers have a full-time job but they have a side gig writing about dogs, pets, beauty products, diets, or photography. Here are some popular online freelancing jobs.

Writing or blogging
Graphic design
Website development
SEO professional
Virtual Assistant
Video Editing

  1. The Benefits of Freelancing

Being Your Boss

As a freelancer, you can choose who you want to work for and what type of jobs you want to do. Remember that clients will have the opportunity to rate your work. So choose jobs that you can guarantee to complete the work on time.

Setting Your Hours

The amount of time that you work, when you work, and from where you work, is all up to you as a freelancer.

Consider how much time you have available to finish your freelance work and be realistic about your limitations.

You Can Work More and Earn More

One of the advantages of freelancing is that it allows you to earn more money when you need it. This means that you can double up on your work when you need to earn more money.

But, keep in mind that in most cases, there is generally about a week between finishing a job and get paid.

Last Tip

Freelancing is a fantastic opportunity to make extra money from home, but it isn’t always easy. You’ll need to put in a lot of work in the beginning, doing some jobs for much lower than your preferred salary expectation to make a name for yourself and build your brand.

But you can increase your income, grow your business, and have more flexibility with your working hours.

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Why Freelancers Are Changing The Internet

Why Freelancers Are Changing The Internet


The freelancer is the new job trend for the new Millenium. Much like engineers to the mechanical revolution, the tech (and more recently, the mobile) revolution rely on freelancers of various skills to propel itself forward.

Apple and Microsoft have full-time employees like engineers, marketers and other people in different fields, but when we are talking about the Internet and tech industry, on the whole, most of its innovation, content, and coding is done by passionate freelancers.

We’re seeing the same thing with mobile. Most app companies are started by entrepreneurs who worked as freelancers to get their start. In fact, freelancing jobs could be called “personal incubators” for young entrepreneurs, who are lacking in minimal capital to start a small business

And when those businesses are finally financed, they look towards outsourcing as much as possible in order to skip on health care obligations, benefits, and office space.

The backbone of The Internet Business

Small and medium-sized business are the ones creating the majority of everything on the Internet. Basically, freelancing is the backbone of those businesses.

Only a fraction of all the news you see on the Internet is written by full-time employees. Almost no blog has the power to hire full-time writers for its entire content.

Design Agencies

Design agencies have loads of talented people working in them, and will probably never die. They’ll keep growing thanks to branching out, offering development services and the businesses need to pay more for something they need.

But the fact is the majority of designers nowadays are freelancers. And they offer the same services or oftentimes better, at a fraction of the cost. 99Designs has thousands of talented designers with over 90 design skill sets.

But the fact remains, small to medium-sized business are now empowered to look like Top 500 Giants!

It’s the small guy with a local e-store who “owns” the Internet. He is the future. It’s he who relies on freelancers to get his site looking like it’s 2019, and not ’95. And it’s the foreign talented freelancer who is making it all possible.

Google Play and App Store

Most of the apps in both giant marketplaces are coming from freelancers or small businesses who rely on freelancers for outsourcing. Yes, there are some bad apps because of this.

But the truth is, that freelancers have created the beautiful virtual app world.

The World is Changing

There’s this small thing called Globalization. It’s the reason some national economies are now dying. Only those fast enough the adapt to globalization and outsourcing stand a chance to thrive.

That’s neither a good or a bad thing, it’s just a shift. Part of the planet’s total GWP (Gross World Product) of around $70 trillion dollars is made up of goods and currency which move through or thanks to outsourced jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14.9 million U.S. workers were self-employed. Freelancers, outsourced jobs and globalization go hand in hand.

A poorly designed interface for the Internet with few giant apps on the apps market and almost no alternative media, blogs and content from Supertemps would probably hinder connectivity to the point where people wouldn’t want to get online.

That means less knowledge for the masses, less unique, distinct thought processes and less communication. We’d go back in time.

So if you’re a freelancer, be proud because you are the revolution.


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SEO Services and Targeted Traffic Freelancers: How to Grow Your Online Business

SEO is a very effective method to boost your brand and ensure you are seen by the top search engines and your clients.


SEO is a very effective method to boost your brand and ensure you are seen by the top search engines and your clients. It helps you move up the ranking in search results using a variety of methods from keywords to links. But it’s a long-term method. You can not succeed in a day!

Targeted traffic is also a great way to grow your business faster and successfully but you need a big budget for that reason.

The good quality SEO services can be affordable and they do not need to break the bank. As long as you feel confident with the internet marketing specialist you have chosen, the price will not be a factor at all. Most of the top SEO companies will provide you with competitive rates that you can manage your marketing budget.

If you make your online research you will find low-price services for your online business. Here is an effective solution.

Discover the best services to grow your business. The best solutions for your online business. Increase your targeted traffic, improve website SEO, Create backlinks and awesome videos on youtube. Low-Cost Solutions!

Even if you find affordable SEO services, you will want to ensure you are receiving the best quality service. They should provide a host of internet marketing solutions to assist you in achieving your online marketing goals.

They should have passion and this should shine through in the design of their website, the services they provide and how they treat their clients. A good sign is to identify the type of companies they have worked with. Maybe even go through some of their past work to identify if you feel they are passionate enough to push your brand forward in the future.

Any SEO and targeted traffic provider you choose offering affordable prices should have an outstanding track record. You mustn’t be shy to ask them about this and they should be more than happy to show you their statistics.

You should be able to see the increase in their clients ranking over time. Remember search engine optimization doesn’t provide overnight success, it is a long-term project that will provide you with brand visibility, increased customer base and improved online revenue moving forward.

In addition to this, they should have a decent sized customer base. Don’t be put off when you hear an affordable SEO service provider has more than three hundred active customers. There is a good reason why they have these many customers to start with. You can ask them about their own team size and how they manage the demand to ensure you receive the level of service that you deserve and expect.

Further, you will want to identify their customer retention rate. Another very important thing to take note of when making use of affordable SEO service providers. Ideally, the company should have a very high customer retention rate.

This means that they are providing all those hundreds of clients with the results that they need, which is why they are still with this top quality SEO services and targeted traffic provider.

Also, you can find freelancers to work for you if the prices of big companies are too high for your budget. Make your research to find the best freelancers for your online business.

Attention! Don’t choose the cheaper. Choose the option of best results and refound if you are not satisfied!


Perfect Services for Your Business – The Solutions You Need

Discover the best services to grow your business. The best solutions for your online business. Increase your targeted traffic, improve website SEO, Create backlinks and awesome videos on youtube. Low-Cost Solutions!

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3 Effective Tips for Successful Freelancers

Are you a freelancer or are you want to be one? Here are 3 tips you need to know about successful freelancers.


Are you a freelancer or are you want to be one? Here are 3 tips you need to know about successful freelancers.

1. Have strong communication skills

As a freelancer, you are working online most of the time. So your communication with your client is through email, chat, video or voice call. For you to be successful, you need to have strong communication skills.

If you are a writer, you need to have excellent knowledge of the written language. When writing an email to your client you shouldn’t write one that is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. You cannot be a successful writer if you don’t have writing skills.

If you aren’t a writer, you don’t need to master the written language, but you need to have good language and tone that will give your client a good impression. If you are communicating via email, ensure that you reply within 24 hours.

Strong communication skills are important to build strong relationships with your clients.

2. Be Trustworthy

You need to be trustworthy to be successful.

There are times when you will come across a client who will pay you before you start a project.

To be successful you need to be trustworthy. If a client pays you before you work, always ensure that you work on the project and deliver high-quality results. You are a Pro, and your clients must trust you, and your work.

3. Never give up

Are you just starting out? you will get many rejection letters and have a hard time landing your first job. While this is the case, you shouldn’t give up; you should be persistent and keep on bidding and applying for jobs.

To increase your chances of getting your first job, you should charge slightly lower fees than experienced freelancers. When you get the job, you should give it your all in order to give perfect results.

If you an experienced freelance expert, there are some weeks that will be slow and jobs won’t be coming your way. You should continue bidding and you will definitely be successful.

How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer – 6 Easy Tips

Some successful freelance writers make thousands of dollars every month. This aspect together with other flexibilities provided by freelancing have made the freelancing extremely hot.

To become a successful freelance writer needs a combination of many different ingredients including talent, hard work, and commitment. If becoming a freelance writer is your target, you need to know these tips.

1. Set Your Goal

Ensure you set up a decent as well as an achievable target when you begin your profession. You will need more effort plus more patience to succeed.

2. Take Enjoyment in What You Do

You have to love what you do. This is the best method to generate good quality written content. Should you feel fatigued, go for a walk or even have a coffee break. Do not ever write when you’re not feeling calm and in the mood.

3. Read Others and Learn

Read weblogs and other write-ups by eminent freelance writers in your particular field. Equate your work with theirs – on this level, this will be the sole method to identify and fix your snags

4. Know Your Price

When starting off, you usually might have to work for peanuts. Nonetheless don’t get disappointed. It’s the rules of the market. Just fix a price whenever you get a recurrent supply of work, but once you fix your price, don’t settle on anything less.

A freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word.

5. The Deadlines

When a buyer has given his hard-earned cash, he wants the project done on time. If not, you will soon your chances of becoming a successful freelance writer will go away.

If meeting a deadline is not probable, contact the client the instant you realize it. The majority of clients are helpful if you take them into confidence beforehand.

6. Give Your Clients a VIP Treatment

One of the most crucial yet unnoticed feature: deal with your buyers in a polite manner and make them feel special. From time to time, clienteles will happily accept your sub-par write up exclusively because of the pleasant attitude.

It’s in the human nature all the people love to feel special!


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Freelancing Trends for 2017: Stats All Freelancers Should Know [Infographic]

Are you a freelancer looking to get ahead in your field? Want to know the key trends that could affect the success of your venture? Freelancing trends for 2017 you need to know in this infographic.