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Working From Home: 4 Tips for New Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

If you’re new to the work-from-home lifestyle, because of a pandemic or because you have a remote-based job, you’ll need to change some of your habits and routines to make working from home a success.

You don’t need a high-tech office to work at home. The new model laptop and 3 screens won’t lead to maximum productivity. As long as you have the equipment you need to do your job and a dedicated space to work, you are ready to go!

Working From Home: Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Here are some interesting tips for new entrepreneurs and working from home benefits

Make sure you have a comfortable space where you can concentrate for a few hours.

Feel free to move around. Changing location can help and increase your creativity and offer a new, fresh, perspective.


There are benefits to working from home. Your colleagues can’t disturb you anymore, the phone isn’t going to ring with a client or customer needing assistance. Your boss cannot check you all the time. You are calm and happy.

You have fewer meetings taking up your day. You may think there are fewer distractions when you are not in the office.

But the lack of social interaction can also have the opposite effect. Here are some tips to boost your productivity.

  1. Plan Your Meals. Don’t waste time wondering what to have for breakfast or lunch. Plan your meals and prepare lunch the day prior so you don’t disrupt too much of your day.
  2. Go for a walk. Get out of the house and get some fresh air. A 30-minute walk around the local area can boost your mindset and get you back in the zone. Fresh and ready for work.
  3. Talk with a friend or colleague. Too much isolation can affect your mood negatively so check in with friends and colleagues. Reconnecting can give you a much-needed boost. Attention! don’t talk for hours – you need to work, not to talk!
  4. Avoid Social Media. You can use a social media blocking tool during work hours to minimize distractions. It can be tempting to take a scroll through your channels but social media isn’t always helpful for your mindset.

Mental and Physical Health

Anxiety fears and stress can ruin your health. You can make a few small changes to increase your motivation and inspire productivity.

Be more sociable with clients and colleagues. Talk to them and help them. They need your help.

Don’t feel pressured to maintain the old work lifestyle. Work into the night if you need. Work more hours if you feel great. Work more flexibly to accommodate the ‘new normal’.

What About The Old Office Work?

With the new normal people are learning new ways to work at home.

Stats show that after the first lockdown only a few people (1/4) felt emotionally ready to go back to their old life in the office. Some companies are encouraging employees to go back to the office and some companies are liking more remote work.

Let’s see the pros and cons


No commute
Save money on transport
No office rent
More comfortable
Healthier meals
More time with family


Less socialization
Higher home energy bills
Family distraction
Same scenery every day
Work-life gets muddled
Collaboration suffers

The last year has raised conversations about flexible working and working from home. Everyone who works remotely has to figure out when to work, where to work, and how to create boundaries between work and personal life.

Figure out what works best for you. Sometimes you might need some inspiration from other people who work from home. A supportive community of remote employees does exist, whether you find them in your organization’s Slack channel or online through blogs or Twitter.

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Small Business Ideas: Tips for New Entrepreneurs

These small business ideas and tips are useful for new entrepreneurs. If you like to start a new small business you need to know that is not an easy task. You need to have courage, passion, and faith in your abilities. Never forget that you need to work hard. You need to learn new skills, and most important, never give up!

Here are some useful ideas and tips for new entrepreneurs.

  1. Business Consulting

You need to have knowledge and expertise about businesses. So you can use that know-how to start a new career as a business consultant. You can get paid to speak at industry conferences or events. Also, you can use your expertise to create a strategy for a new business.

  1. Marketing Service – Business Plan

Many business owners have an idea of how they want to market their business, but they don’t know how to create a marketing plan. They don’t have marketing experience.

You a marketing professional, you can work with small businesses that don’t have marketing knowledge. You can create their SEO strategy, generate ad campaigns, use inbound marketing tips, and help them to grow their business.

  1. Video Production

If you love to create videos, one of the best small business ideas is video production. With the popularity of video on social media, there is a demand for those who can shoot video, cut video, or both. (video production)

There are many courses online that can teach you how to cut and edit video using programs like Adobe or Final Cut Pro or even how to make videos with your smartphone. Technology is changing pretty fast.

Video production is a profitable business idea that you can start at a low cost, in your home.

  1. Podcasting

These days podcasts are very popular (trend). Many people are using this trend and turn a hobby into a small business.

Podcasting will require a small investment in audio equipment and editing software, but once you get started, you can talk, produce, and of course market your podcast.

  1. IT Consulting

Do you have experience with computers and other types of technology? If so, you can use this knowledge to start an IT consulting business. Many small businesses are hiring consultants to help them with installing, managing, updating, their technology.

As an IT consultant, you can offer remote services or on-site assistance, giving you more freedom and flexibility.

  1. Social Media Management

Social media marketing these days is a necessity. Many small business owners don’t have the knowledge or time. So many business owners need help managing their social media platforms. They need You!

  1. PR Agency Services

If you have a background in public relations a PR agency might be the perfect business idea for you. Small businesses often hire PR agencies to assist with their public image and presence. They need your help in business marketing, events, press releases, and more.

If you have a network of contacts in a specific industry, your services will be more attractive to businesses in that industry.

You can easily start your own PR business without spend time or money. You can use your contacts to help you in the beginning.

  1. Photography Freelancer

Professional photographers are in high demand for weddings, corporate events, social media photos, and more. You can build this business in your home. A freelance photography business has low startup costs.

Professional or freelancer photography is a great way to build a side income while working full time elsewhere.

  1. Graphic Design

If you have a background in design or art, then this business idea is amazing. Even if you don’t have a background in this field, you can take a course in graphic design. It’s not very difficult.

You will need some computer programs like Adobe or Canva. Also, you will need to find clients. So try networking with small businesses in your community or your local market. All the business owners need a well-designed website, online materials, email campaigns, and more.

  1. Freelancer and Content Marketing

If you like to write effective and quality articles, then a copywriting or content marketing creation service could be one of the best work from home small business ideas for you.

You know that ”content is king.” Many businesses (big or small) trying to produce high-quality blog posts, ebooks, white papers, and even video scripts. The need for quality content is evergreen (Never End).

  1. Website Development and Design

Every business needs at least a website to grow and succeed. But many business owners don’t know how to set up. So, if you’re an IT and design fanatic, you’ll have endless opportunities to build or set up websites.

You can use a platform like Upwork or Fivver to find your first clients. Then you can use your portfolio and recommendations to grow your business.

  1. eCommerce Store – Sell Items Online

These days it’s very easy to open up an eCommerce store and sell your items online. Also, eCommerce stores are open 24/7, and many people are loving to shopping online because of the pandemic. You need to market successfully your eCommerce store to attract more customers.

  1. SEO Agency

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website or web page’s rank for specific keywords in organic search engine results. An SEO agency needs to generate more visitors and leads by optimizing the client’s website, building links to the website, and using effective keywords.

It’s a low-cost startup business but it’s not so easy because search engines are changing pretty often their algorithms. So you need to create new SEO strategies to achieve higher rankings.

  1. App Development

Launching a successful app is not an easy task. But there are many resources to help you get started. App development is an excellent small business idea because many businesses want apps to improve their marketing strategy.

You can search online to find more ideas about small business. But keep in mind that only you know your background, skills, knowledge, etc. So only you can determine what kind of small business is most realistic and effective for you to start.

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Entrepreneurs and COVID-19: Tips on How to Save and Grow Your Business [Infographic]

COVID-19 has changed the world, changed people’s lives, and has created one of the worst global economical crises in recent years. So entrepreneurs and small businesses should find solutions if they want to survive in this new mysterious world.

The pandemic is driving entrepreneurs to think outside the box and discover innovative solutions. They need to create new business models, new products, and services.

With the help of digital tools, you can create a new type of business. If you search online you will see that transport companies are now doing food deliveries, restaurants are offering frozen packages, and educational institutions are investing in online learning.

Even after the pandemic has passed, the effects will be still here for the next years. If you want your business to survive, you need to take advantage of technology and create new, effective, strategies.

Mindset and Plan

The life of entrepreneurs is not as easy as you think. You need to have a strong mindset and careful planning. Here are some tips you need to know about how to save and grow your business in this difficult situation. (Pandemic)

  1. Help Your Customers

As you know your customers are the heart of your business. They are facing new problems during this pandemic. So you need to help them. You can send them a survey, engaging them through social media, or send suggestions through email will be useful for them and your business. Learn what they need and solve their problems. They need your help!

  1. Hire Freelancers

Hiring new employees full-time may be a good investment, but these days you have not the budget. So you can find another solution. You can hire freelancers to handle easy tasks.

You can collaborate with an outsourcing agency to give you the necessary solutions and cut down the costs.

  1. Brand and Value

Your customers need to know that your business helps the community. Letting them know that your company cares about poor people and hospitals. Provide your values and corporate social responsibility. Your customers will be proud of your brand.

  1. Communication – Very Important

Communication is very important in this (Pandemic) period. You need to use social media and messaging platforms. These days you cannot have face-to-face interactions. So you need to create a new, useful, communications strategy.

Communicating with your employees (and even stakeholders) will ensure that all working fine. Also, your customers will be glad to know the current state of your business.

  1. Use Digital Solutions

We indeed live in an innovative, digital, age. The innovations in technology have helped businesses to recover and thrive even with the pandemic. Using analytics tools, companies can use new effective strategies to save and grow their businesses. So it’s very important to use new digital solutions and innovation.

  1. The New Normal for Businesses

Yes, the times are pretty difficult, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The pandemic will continue to change the world, but as long as you stay prepared and flexible, you can win the COVID-19 crisis and save your business. I’m sure you will be a proud and successful entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneurs Tips: How to Succeed and What to Avoid

Many people want to start a successful online business, become profitable entrepreneurs, and make a lot of money. But unfortunately, only a few people will succeed and become profitable entrepreneurs.

Here are some tips you need to know about how to succeed if you like to become a profitable entrepreneur.

  1. Leave Comfort Zone

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? You need to leave your comfort zone. Most people enjoy the comfort of their day job. It’s very common, predictable, without any surprises. Leaving your comfort zone would be difficult.

But if you ever want to live your dream, you will have to forget the comforts of the modern workplace. All of the sudden, nothing is predictable, and being comfortable is past. Now you are ready for a new life.

  1. Don’t Be Lazy

Laziness and entrepreneurship are the opposite! Most people who are lazy they don’t want to be entrepreneurs. Many people underestimate how much work is required to start their own business.

You need to understand that being lazy won’t fix anything and you cannot become a successful entrepreneur if you are lazy. (Rule)

  1. Positive Attitude

Becoming an entrepreneur requires a positive attitude. Starting a business is never easy. It’s very important to stay positive.

Be realistic and positive but never negative. A negative attitude will drive you to fail.

  1. Proactive

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur you need to be proactive and a leader. Understand that you will be faced with tough decisions.

If you are a follower you will miss opportunities and could ruin your new business. Become the boss you love to be.

  1. Take Risks

Being an entrepreneur means that you take big risks. Some of which will fail and others will be successful. Understand that as an entrepreneur, sometimes you will fail. You will make bad decisions.

Failure is a part of learning. Failure is a lesson, not the end. What matters is how you deal with these failures. Learn from them, but don’t let them define you. Most importantly, don’t let them scare you from taking more risks. There is no business without risks!

  1. Creative and Innovative
Business Development Strategy Results Concept

Entrepreneurs need to be creative. Find new, innovative, ideas is what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the rest. always be thinking about new ideas. Do activities that require you to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions. Make your research and find ideas and tips from successful entrepreneurs.

Attention! Don’t copy-paste ideas but create your new creative ideas!

  1. Patience

Important! You need to be patient. Entrepreneurs are not an overnight success. When you start your business, it may be a long time before you see a profit. This doesn’t mean that you should quit.

Always, businesses take a lot of time and hard work to become a success story. Always try for more, but understand that everything takes time.

Time is your friend, not the enemy!

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Entrepreneurs: Best Voice-to-Text Apps – Effective Tools You Need To Know

Entrepreneurs: Best Voice-to-Text Apps – Effective Tools You Need To Know

Voice-to-text apps are very effective and useful for busy entrepreneurs or marketers. If you think faster than you can write, the special programs can increase efficiency and store your recordings safe and sound via the cloud.

The benefits of voice-to-text apps include accuracy, shortcuts, and available languages. Whether you want to take notes, send quick messages or translate on the fly. You avoid writing and recording your thoughts pretty fast!

Here are the best voice-to-text apps you need to know and use.

  1. Dragon Anywhere

Available for Android and iOS devices, Dragon Anywhere is a premium professional tool. It’s 99% accurate and comes with voice editing and formatting. Over time, it becomes faster and more accurate as it adapts to your voice.

You can use the app for as long as you need — there are no word limits. Dragon Anywhere allows you to customize industry lingo for even more accuracy. After transcription, share your notes by email, Dropbox, Evernote, and more.

Also, you can synchronize Dragon Anywhere with your desktop and do voice work on your computer as well.

Its accuracy and rich features come with a cost, of course. But the bill could be a worthy business investment if you often think of ideas on the fly or need to record meeting minutes.

  1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant does a lot, including playing music and opening maps. One of its best features is Voice recognition. Yes, you can use voice command to look up information and tell Google Assistant to do certain things.

But the app can also convert speech to text. It sends messages, drafts emails, manages tasks, and adds events to your calendar. While it’s not a speech to text app in the purest sense, it will still help organize your ideas and notes with voice recognition.

Use IFTTT (If This Then That) to maximize your Google Assistant note-taking abilities. In one applet, Google Assistant can log all of your notes into a spreadsheet. You can also search IFTTT for other productivity-boosting applets.

  1. Transcribe – Speech to Text

Journalists or secretaries who have a lot of conversations to track may find this app useful. Using A.I., Transcribe can turn any voice or video memo into a transcription in over 80 different languages and dialects.

After recording, you can drop your file in this app and export your raw text into another app such as DropBox.

Keep in mind that Transcribe is only available for Apple products with Voice Memo and video since there’s no direct in-app dictation. Transcribe can also get pricey. (That said, it costs less than human transcriber rates, though it is more prone to error with a 90% accuracy rate.)

  1. Speechnotes – Speech to Text

Writers who think faster than they can type will appreciate this app. Speechnotes is excellent for organizing long notes thanks to two special features. First of all, it doesn’t stop recording — even if you pause to think or breathe, so you can keep the recording open for as long as needed.

Second, you can tap a button or use a verbal command to insert punctuation marks into your work so they won’t become too unwieldy.

The free app has a small ad banner, but you can upgrade to a premium version to get rid of it.

Other perks: It won’t clog up your phone space at 4 MB, plus it saves all your recordings as TXT files. Plus, you won’t need to open the app to use it either; you can tap on a widget to access Speechnotes. Keep in mind that Speechnotes is only available on your browser and Android.

  1. Voice Notes

If you have an idea, but no pen or paper on hand, you can always use your voice. Voice Notes has speech recognition that allows you to create notes efficiently. You can then organize your notes into categories and create reminders by customizing alerts synced with your phone calendar.

The interface is intuitive and easy to use; you press the microphone button and speak to record. You’ll even be able to make your notes with the phone screen turned off. The app can recognize up to 119 languages, just in case you need to record notes in something other than English.

The app is free, though you can subscribe to a premium plan to support the developer.

Voice Notes is a popular app, but one major limitation is that it’s only available on Android phones. Plus, you need to have a Google voice search installed to use it, which will take up more space on your phone.

  1. SpeechTexter – Speech to Text

Using Google’s backend, SpeechTexter allows you to create SMS messages, text notes, emails, and tweets with your voice. The easy-to-use app supports over 60 languages and has a 95% accuracy rate. You can customize your commands for punctuation as well.

It’s possible to use the app when you’re not connected to the Internet, though keep in mind that the accuracy lowers in offline mode and the recognition speed depends on your Internet connectivity.

To use the app offline, make sure that you install language packs of your preference.

  1. iTranslate Converse

iTranslate Converse is as close to real-time translation as you’ll get, which is convenient if you need to communicate with clients who don’t speak the same language as you or if you’re traveling abroad.

All you have to do is set the two languages. Then tap, hold, and speak into your phone. The app will pick up on the language that you’re speaking, then issue out a translation — yes, even in noisy environments.

The app is capable of recognizing 38 languages. After your conversation is done, you can download full transcriptions. It’s not always perfect, of course, but it’s faster than going through a personal assistant app to look up translations for you.

It has a subscription fee. When you download it, you’ll receive a seven-day free trial. After that runs out, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version.

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