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Voice Search Stats: SEO is Changing [Infographic]

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artificial intelligence Ask Entrepreneur blogging business Business Lessons design Ecommerce google marketing profits Social Media Starting a Business Startups

Technologies Trends and AI: The Online Business Are Changing

Technologies Trends and AI: The Online Business Are Changing


The new technologies trends and Artificial Intelligence are changing the way people shop online. Mobile payments, chatbots and voice search are very popular and more people are starting to see their benefits.

As an online entrepreneur, it’s important that you know and uses these technologies, but it’s equally important that you know what really matters to your customers before integrating any of these tools into your business.

The new digital technologies were designed to offer buyers an interactive shopping experience.

Your customers want to use technologies that will speed up their shopping, not introduce them to a new process.

Mobile payment methods are among those that they would like to use on a regular basis. Research shows that 400 out of 1,000 shoppers find it very convenient for them not to pay with cash or card.

The voice search technology is gaining popularity and 20% of the respondents find it interesting and are likely to use it.

Chatbots are also gaining shoppers’ interest; the majority of them who are receptive of this service are Millennials, while a small number of those who don’t have a clue what chatbots are and how they work are 50 years old and older.

Many shoppers are confused

The benefits of virtual reality and augmented reality have yet to be understood by a lot of shoppers as they find these tools too complex to embrace.

Nine out of 10 customers said they don’t fancy using either of these tools in the near future.

Out of 1,000 customers, only 200 said that they’re willing to try augmented reality, and some of them would give virtual reality a try, to see how a product would actually look like on them.

If you could find the time to learn more about VR and AR, and actually test them on your site, you will realize how beneficial they are as they could drastically decrease your product return rate.

The new technologies are very effective for young people. The older people don’t like to change their shopping habits and they avoid to learn about new technologies trends.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Online Shopping Trends

Artificial Intelligence is very popular in the tech world and it will change the online world. AI is very important for online business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

With AI the machines being able to tackle tasks that would normally require our effort, freeing up time for us. The key for us is not only how quickly these machines handle the tasks, but how much more efficient they do them as well.

The exponential growth and automation of AI are very effective for marketing purposes.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the retail online shopping industry. The speedy calculation and easiness in payment option, have made AI and robotics a necessity for online shopping and business.

Smart technology and the online shopping experience

People are more connected to their choices, and if those choices come in the form of visual research and touch, it’s more than interactive. Visual search has been around for a long time, but with the advancements in artificial intelligence and the rise of mobile commerce, it’s now gaining acceptance with the retailers.

The internet has made people more and more closely with the new technology advancements. Smart technology allows shoppers to digitally compare outfits by capturing a 360-degree view of themselves in an outfit and letting them send those images to friends via email and social media.

Chatbots and shopping

The technology of the chatbots is very popular among the millennials. The importance and effectiveness have made it be used in the trending tech updates.

E-commerce is a very competitive area. In the coming years, brands will thrive in with the power of new technology to create a more personal experience for customers, more interested in the trending e-commerce needs.

New Marketing with AI

With the help of AI, the days of aggressive re-marketing and focusing on the amount of ad exposure will be long gone. The new marketing era will be able to focus on quality and directing more relevant advertising to the right visitors at the right time.

Images and AI

AI is changing the game. With its ability to classify, interpret, and understand images, AI is making it easier to find what you searching even if you don’t know the name of the image.

With the use of new technology, you can improve the way of shopping. The AI is here and it’s your turn to achieve the benefits of the new technologies and make your life better!


The Reasons Why You Need A Chatbot To Grow Your Online Business: The Benefits You Need To Know

#1 Chatbots work 24/7.

#2 They can respond quickly to simple questions.

#3 You can program a chatbot to forward a difficult question from a customer to yourself, or to your members of staff, in a timely manner.

Chatbots are among the latest communication tools that you should take advantage of for your online business.

ConversioBot – Transform Your Website Into An Automated List-Building & Sales Machine

FAQS About ConversioBot – The Benefits for Your Business

What exactly is ConversioBot?

ConversioBot’s a cloud-based app. There’s nothing to install.

You simply login to the app and use the simple “drag and drop” builder to create a Chatbot for your Website in minutes.

even a newbie can get started right away. No special skills or knowledge are required.

You don’t need to know a thing about coding to use the simple builder to create a Chatbot for your Website in minutes.

You can use a range of “Done-For-You” Chatbots right away on your Website.

They’re a NEW and powerful way to potentially explode your sales and build your massive email lists. They’re also truly automated.

— It comes with an UNLIMITED Commercial License.

That means you can create unlimited Chatbots and sell them to businesses. You keep ALL the profit!

— Also, you get a full 30 days to put this to the test and make sure this is for you.

Take a Look!

artificial intelligence Ask Entrepreneur business Business Lessons design Ecommerce google infographic marketing profits seo Social Media Starting a Business Startups video

4 Effective Trends Changing the Marketing Landscape in 2019 [Infographic]

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Visual Arts

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How Mobile Phones Changing Our Life

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Almost every person we know owns a mobile phone. We live in a generation where even kids are much forward in technology than us. There is no need to teach them to learn mobile functions instead they can teach you a lot of things you knew nothing about. From games to new applications to everything.

How did technology become such a huge part of our life? To be honest we do not even remember the times when mobile phones weren’t in use.

How the mobile phones are changing our life

1. They are a necessity

We cannot stay without mobiles. Mobile phones are always at our arm’s reach and with numerous applications, we keep ourselves busy with some or the other. There is no great way to pass some hours in leisure times.

2. They changing our living:

They have replaced clocks, flashlights, music player, maps and alarm clocks. We can entirely rely on them for even our basic needs. The music player is always with us to reduce some awkwardness of any situation by just plugging in earphones. We can roam anywhere with the help of maps. Do not worry about our appointments as alarm reminds it.

3. They changing our work:

We do not need PC to have access to our mail accounts. A mobile phone does it in seconds. We can work from anywhere, even peruse documents, prepare them in handy. Nowadays work groups are being created for keeping employees updated about the office work and deadlines are ensured as well. Few companies develop their personal applications meant only for workers. Mobile phones have changed the way we work.

4. They provide instant communication:

We do not need to wait for someone to talk. We can send messages according to our suitability and the person can reply to his yet the conversation keeps flowing. Gone are the days of letters. The mobile phones keep us connected. We can easily search for our long lost friends and talk to them. Not only messages but even calls and video calling has been made possible for us.

We should thank the scientists for their years of hard work and effort and also the software people for developing mobile phones and applications we cannot live without.


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