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Social Media Trends: How to Grow Your Business in 2021 [Infographic]

Social media marketing is a very important and effective marketing strategy to grow your business. But you need to understand the new social media trends and how to improve your marketing techniques.

Here are some new social media trends you need to know about if you want to grow your business in 2021.

  1. Social Media and Pandemic – New Trends

The pandemic has changed online businesses but also has changed people’s behavior. Many people (worldwide) are spending more time at home and on social networks. These days three trends have grown: gaming, YouTube, home-based niches, and hobbies.

There are many opportunities for businesses and marketers that know how to produce relevant and engaging content around these new trends.

  1. Social Media Video

Videos were popular before the pandemic, now are even more popular and keep growing. These days many social media platforms are offering more video features for businesses.

In 2021 we will see more video features and apps. Video already is a classic marketing strategy, and not only a trend.

  1. Popular Niche Platforms – TikTok and Reddit

TikTok is a very popular platform. Stats show that time spent on TikTok grew 210% in 2019. Also, 44% of TikTok’s total downloads happened in 2019.

Another niche platform that keeps growing in popularity is Reddit. The number of monthly active users on Reddit are 430 million

  1. Social Media Content – Increase Sales

Stats show that 55.4 percent of Gen Z internet users in the US say that their fashion purchases were inspired by social media content.

The millennial generation follows with 50.7% say that purchasing a fashion item online after browsing through social media. So more than half of all internet users between the ages of 14 and 34 have bought a fashion item online as a result of social media content.

  1. Authenticity and Social Media Marketing

Many people say that authenticity is an important factor in determining which brands they like and support. Stats show that 90% of consumers today prioritize authenticity in brands.

Important Tip. More than 90% of marketers believe that they are creating authentic content. But 51% of consumers believe that fewer than half of all brands are creating truly authentic content.

Many people don’t trust the brands’ content. Because they only advertise their products and they don’t provide value. People don’t like ads and promotional content. They searching for solutions and help. That’s the reason why many people before buy something read reviews or ask their friends.

  1. Search Products via Social Media – New Search Engines

Stats show that 43% of consumers research products online through social media platforms. Many people prefer to search for products on social media because they are using social media many times every day. People pretty often are using social media as a search engine.

  1. Messaging Apps

Stats show that 90% of all smartphone users are using at least one messaging app (a huge market for businesses). Also, most consumers prefer to communicate with companies via messaging apps. The mobile apps market will keep growing in 2021.

Last Tips

These social media trends will help you understand how your customers engage with social media and how you can grow your business with the right plan. You can search for more trends and tips but don’t forget that you need to work hard. The first step to success. Take Action Now!

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