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Social Media: 9 Marketing Tips for Beginners

Social Media: 9 Marketing Tips for Beginners

Many marketers and experts say that social media marketing is essential to promote and grow your business. But you need to know what to do. Viral content, hashtags, and promotion are only a part of your strategy. You must improve your online presence and become active on social media if you want to succeed.

You do not need to become a social media expert. But it’s important to know tips and techniques about social media marketing. And also you need to become comfortable when promoting yourself and your business.

Social Media: Marketing Tips for Beginners

Here are some useful tips about social media and marketing tricks for beginners.

  1. Add Contacts – Connect With People

Add 2-5 contacts per week on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. It’s a great way to connect with people in the same niche or interests. If you add people to your network, you will have more opportunities to promote and grow your business.

  1. Use Forums

Find forums in your niche and create an attractive profile. Introduce yourself and use the private messaging features to introduce yourself to other members.

Attention! Don’t sell. Once you have made contributions, then you can share your products or services with the other members of the forum. Also, it’s important to help and provide value to the members of the forum.

  1. Focus on Interesting Blogs

Focus on influential and interesting blogs in your niche. (Don’t waste your time on untrusted blogs). Comment on these blogs. Then you can email the author to let them know how much you enjoy their blog.

If you have created attractive posts, you can email them to help you to build backlinks.

  1. Find Micro-Influencers

Find micro-influencers in your niche. You can find this information on their profile page. Add them to your contacts. Most of the active users (micro-influencers) also have profiles on other social media platforms. So you can increase your followers and your online presence.

  1. Use YouTube

Create videos for your business and upload them on YouTube. Build backlinks to it. You can generate traffic and increase subscribers on your YouTube video channel. As you know YouTube is the second larger search engine.

  1. Use Translations – Translate your Articles

If you submit articles to Quora, use the same title and description and translate it to another language. You can generate a lot of traffic and links. You can use a quick translator (free and paid) to make this super easy.

  1. Track

Stay away from the over-hyped social networks that don’t drive traffic or influence people. If social media can’t get you decent traffic or links, don’t waste your time. It’s important to track your work and make sure you see where results are coming from.

  1. Use Quora

Answer 3-5 questions per day in your niche on Quora or another Q&A site to become an authoritative source. Then promote your website to attract traffic and interested people. Many people are using Quora every day to find answers. Provide answers and value to get traffic and even sales.

  1. Use Search Engines

You can use Google, Yahoo, or Bing to search for your name and your company. See where people are talking about you and join in on the conversation. Use high-quality articles or videos to promote your business. Also, you can use gift cards or giveaways to attract more visitors.

Make your research to find more tips and techniques about social media marketing. But don’t forget that you need to become more active and help your followers to build trust and long-term relationships.