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Social Media: 25 Tips on How to Capture Attention [Infographic]

Social Media: 25 Tips on How to Capture Attention [Infographic]

You have few seconds to capture your audience’s attention before your message gets lost in the ocean of messages. If you know how to capture attention on social media, you can create a successful marketing campaign.

Social Media: Tips on How to Capture Attention

Here are some tips about how to capture the attention of your target audience on social media.

  1. Profile Photo

Your profile photo is the first thing people will notice about you. Optimize your photo according to the actual audience you are targeting for. Determine your audience and research their demographics and figure out which avatar will attract them.

  1. Profile Optimization

Many people left their profile empty or unrelated to how they want to position themselves in social networks. People want to know something about you.

Optimize your profile according to the details of your audience. Give them the answer they are searching for in your profile. Your profile is probably the first invisible conversation your prospect has with you. You want to make sure that delivers value.

  1. Fresh Content and Value

Provide fresh content and value to your followers. Create interesting and fresh content on regular basis. Focus on delivering values and ideas, these are usually welcome. Allow them to follow you.

  1. Use Social Media to Extra Exposure

Make more accounts, link, and point from one profile to another. Promote your LinkedIn account on your Facebook, Tweet your Facebook share, share your Linkedin article, let the messages exchange. It’s not only the extra exposure we are going after, but the different ways you can express yourself. Each social media platform delivers your message differently.

  1. Be Active and Socialize

Add friends, subscribe to other people’s channels, follow any relevant user, brand, or company. Also, join relevant groups. These actions can bring you extra attention.

Socializing also enables you to familiarize yourself with the group or networks you join. The more you socialize, the more attention you get.

  1. Use Viral Trends

Meme jokes, for example, are just a drop in the sea of viral trends. join the crowd and see what’s trending in the last few days. Provide a viral trend to the crowd and attention will boost.

  1. Responsive

You must be responsive. Interact with your followers to gain consistency in your campaign. Social media marketing is all about frequency and lets them know you are there 24/7.

  1. Personalization

Facebook has a feature of mentioning somebody in the comment, while the mentioned person gets notified about it. The same goes with Twitter. This is the way to use personalization with anybody from your group.

Participate in discussions and always be there for your audience.

  1. Provide Informative Content

Link out to relevant articles, blogs, videos, websites, etc. regularly. You will act like as a source of information, only recommending the best. This not only covers up when you are lack ideas but also presents yourself as an expert in your niche.

  1. Share Success Stories

We all love to hear a word or two about someone’s way to the top and how successful they are. This is another great tool to get attention. Keep sharing success stories. Also, you can share testimonials from people successfully achieving results with your product or services.

  1. Use Discounts and Offers

Happy hours, discounts, offers, all of them capture attention. People love paying less or get something for free. It’s a great way to capture attention and generate traffic.

But don’t put it too much and make sure it appears from time to time.

  1. Share A-List

Regardless of your target audience, there are tips and tricks to let them know about. Write an article or link to the blog where they can find useful advice and tips on how to get something done. (how-to articles or videos)

Find tips and tricks relevant to your marketing campaign and have your audience know about it. A list of tips like this always works.

  1. Share Solutions and Recommendations

Share solutions that could help your target audience in achieving their goals easier or quicker, is a great attention booster. Make sure your recommendations are personally tested, checked, and reputable. A bad recommendation is too costly.

  1. Ask Your Audience

Ask your audience about your offer, marketing campaign, or service. Ask them what they do like and what they don’t like about your company or business you run. Besides being a great way to catch attention and seek feedback from your audience, it also makes them anticipate the value they will get from you.

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