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SEO: 7 Trends and Secrets to Improve Your Strategy

An SEO strategy works because people trust and use search engines. Stats show that 80% of users ignore paid ads and using search engines to find answers and solutions. Also, you need to know that 28% of these users will convert.

A 28% conversion rate for every page that ranks high in search engines it’s pretty awesome for your business.

SEO Trends and Secrets You Need to Know

Trends and Secrets to Improve Your SEO Strategy

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and SEO Strategy

Artificial intelligence is already used by many companies and brands. Also, Google will use AI in the RankBrain algorithm update.

How can AI impact your SEO strategy?

AI will use queues from the users of your website to understand how high it deserves to rank. Click-through rates are a good indicator of how powerful your headlines are. Also, the time spent on the page and the bounce rate will tell how engaging your content is.

You need to create catchy and descriptive headlines. Tell people what they’re getting in exchange for the time spent reading your content.

Create great content that keeps people glued to your website. Visuals, listicles, bullet points, will break down the text and make it easier to read.

Inbound linking and CTAs (click-to-action) will keep people clicking through your website and reduce your bounce rate.

  1. Long-Form Content Get More Traffic and Rankings

Search engines love high-quality, in-depth content. If you create the perfect content source for your visitors’ needs they spend more time on your content.

Also, stats show that 3000+ words articles get 3 times more traffic, 4 times more shares, and 3.5 times more backlinks than a typical 1000+ words article.
Tip. Because many people are not professionals, it’s very difficult to create long-form content. So you can use sites like Quora or Medium to promote your business with quality articles and videos.

  1. Voice Search and Long-Tail Keywords

Alexa, Siri, and other voice gadgets are very popular and useful for many users. These days long tail-keywords are easier to rank for and they’re easier to align to your business goals.

Also, it’s much easier to write naturally when you use a long-tail keyword.

A text search is a bit harder to match with intent. A long-tail voice search is always more clear on the intent.

Useful Tip: Don’t focus on search volume. Focus on intent if you want your SEO to be effective and profitable.

  1. Visual Content

Video is already an SEO trend. Video has now gone mainstream and it’s an important part of any marketing strategy and SEO too.

These days important is image optimization. Are your images added to your sitemap? If not, you need to add them.

More importantly, make sure that you use high-quality images. If you use stock images you need to change their names and tags. Use names that are relevant to your content text and ensure that they are indexed.

  1. Write for Humans

It’s important. Write for humans, not bots. You should spend 90% of your time to find catchy topics and writing content worth reading and 10% of your time taking care of small optimization issues. (image alt tags and meta descriptions that have your target keyword).

  1. Contextual Relevancy and Value

Your website has to be contextually relevant for users and search engines. This is one of the Google SEO secrets to ranking quickly and increasing Google (Organic) traffic.

Ensuring that your content explores the topic across many relevant sub-topics, and doesn’t only provide a generic answer. This tip will help with SEO rankings and value.

  1. Be Authoritative

Authority is built by earning links (links are like votes) for your website and is one of the best ways to rank quickly in Google. This is accomplished by creating high-quality content that provides value that other high-authority websites reference.

If you use these secrets and trends you can improve your SEO strategy, generate more organic traffic, and achieve higher rankings on Google.

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