Networking: Tips for Successful Online Networking [Infographic]

Networking: Tips for Successful Online Networking [Infographic]

These days pandemic (Covid-19) has changed networking and our lives. With platforms like LinkedIn and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter there are many opportunities to meet new people and grow your business.

Successful networking online is about how to use the right platforms, generate engagement, and attend the right virtual events.

Here are some effective tips about successful online networking.

  1. Use The Right Online Networks And Make Connections
Networking: Tips for Successful Online Networking [Infographic]

The right online network can help you to focus your search. These platforms can help you to connect with your niche and grow your business or find more profitable opportunities.


Most people on LinkedIn are professionals. That means that the people you connect with on LinkedIn have the power to help you if you connect with them in the right way. (effectively)

If you create an active personal brand on LinkedIn, you can generate successful connections.


Meetup is mostly about events. It’s perfect for connecting with local communities.

The advantage of Meetup is that it isn’t only online service. It has both online interaction and offline participation. You can search for groups and choose which fit your interests. If you join a group, you can attend their events.

Meetup is also ideal for skill-based professional networking.

  1. Social Media Networking – Platforms
Networking: Tips for Successful Online Networking [Infographic]

Social media is a pretty effective opportunity to grow your brand. It has incredible reach, making it perfect for online networking.

Social media has many advantages to networking. You can learn and use top trends, connect with your target audiences, and drive attention to your work and grow your brand.

You need to know which social media networks are more effective and how to optimize them for your business or career.


Instagram is a very useful platform to connect with B2C companies and brands.

You can use “DMs” (Direct Message) for networking. Start by following a brand’s page (so you know what they post). Then send a message to the brand about what you think could be improved on their page. This way you’re adding value (help them), and not simply sending them a compliment.


One of the most famous social media platforms. With 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook (July 2020), it’s the perfect platform for online networking.

A great advantage of Facebook is its live feature. You can shoot videos live and get comments in real-time. This is great for journalists, politicians, business leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs to share their thoughts on a trending topic. (Pretty Effective Tip)


It’s perfect for instant connection. Twitter allows you to send out tweets and generate engagement. A great feature is Twitter threads. They allow you to connect one tweet with another and create a narrative.

Networking: Tips for Successful Online Networking [Infographic]

For example, if you want to discuss the upcoming election or a new trend and your tweet goes over the 280 character limit, simply break up your commentary into a Twitter thread.

Virtual Networking Events

Virtual events are here and keep growing. Many stats show that by 2021 video, (including web conferencing), will generate 80% of Internet traffic. So you’ll need to start using video and virtual networking events. You need to use Zoom or other video conferencing tools.

Networking: Tips for Successful Online Networking [Infographic]

These days pandemic drives people to discover more useful and effective online solutions for their lives and businesses. Online networking is one of them!

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