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Longer Life With A Healthy Diet: Weight Loss for a Lifetime


Better health is considered essential for human happiness and well-being. Persons who are physically and mentally healthy also play a very vital role in the economic growth of their country as they are more productive and live longer.

Being healthy is considered a dynamic process as our health changes with the course of time.

Diet plays an important role in personal health it can be described as a pattern of eating and a balanced diet provides nutrients that are considered necessary to maintain our health.

Studies have revealed that diet is one of the sources through which diseases such as cancer, heart disease, birth defects, can be prevented.

There are many food items which are suggested by doctors and experts that are considered healthy and must be included in every meal. Some of these food items are green tea, olive oil, salad, fruits, etc.

We can also lose weight by adjusting some of our diet plans and eating habits.

Here are some diet tips to lose weight while staying healthy:

Eat fresh and organic foods. Recent research and studies have revealed that pesticide, herbicides, sugar, and other chemicals used on food and vegetables are one huge cause of obesity and weight gain.

Bite slowly and chew it – Slow Food. This tip is very helpful as your brain gets the message that you are eating more than you actually are. One should use smaller plates and bowls for eating as it also one way to fool your brain into believing that you have eaten more.

Water is a very important essential element of human’s body. One should drink at least 8-10 glass of water per day. During a glass of water 15 minutes before having your meal as it makes you feel fuller without eating any kind of food.

Do not drink sodas, Pepsi; cola etc. as they are full of chemicals and sugar. One bottle of Pepsi contains at least 20 tablespoons of sugar so there is no point in drinking any of these.

Other things that can help you to lose weight without losing your health are:

1- Eat your favorite meal once in every 15 days it will help you in starting afresh for your upcoming days and you will not feel deprived.
2- Include salads and vegetables in your every meal.
3- Exercise daily and consistently. If you exercise with gaps it will lead you to nowhere. Instead, you will feel frustrated.

Eating healthy is important however one should not overlook the exact meaning of the statement. Eating to stay healthy does not mean suppressing your appetite; it means to eat “smartly”. A proper and balanced diet plan can also help you to reduce your weight without losing your health.

Developing healthy diet habits is not as difficult as many people imagine. An essential step is to eat diet derived from plants, vegetables, fruits, whole grains- and limit highly processed foods.


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