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Instagram Hacks: How to Increase Engagement and Traffic

Instagram Hacks: How to Increase Engagement and Traffic

As you know Instagram is a very popular social media platform. Also, Instagram engagement is a very important benefit and advantage for social media marketers and business owners.

Here are some effective hacks you need to know about how to increase engagement and traffic on Instagram.

  1. Use the features of Instagram

Create a business account. These accounts give you analytics, a more professional aesthetic, and access to ads.

Also, You can include links in stories, and a “contact” button on your profile. So if you want to drive traffic from Instagram to your site or products, this is a very important tip.

Test and Use different types of content

You can use stories, videos, carousel posts, ads, and highlights. Instagram robots want to see you use the whole app!

An effective hack you need to know: video posts have higher engagement rates than image or carousel posts.

Check out Instagram’s analytics

Analytics are very effective and useful. With analytics, you can improve your Instagram performance.

  1. It’s Better to Use Instagram Stories Every Day

With stories, you can promote your content pretty fast. Instagram’s algorithm loves and prefers stories!

Also, many users like viewing Stories. So you can attract more followers and interested people to your business website.

Use videos. Videos will be searchable, and it’s very important to include hashtags to help users find them. So you need to create high-value videos

Attention! Stories disappear after 24 hours. So you don’t need to post video Stories if you won’t stick to around longer.

  1. Learn the Peak Times of Instagram

You can use tools like Buffer and HubSpot to schedule your posts ahead of time. So you can share killer content at the best possible moment!

Getting the time right is more important than you might think. The Instagram algorithm responds positively to posts that get quick engagement. If your audience engages early with your content, there’s a better chance that that post will appear in more people’s feeds.

  1. The Right Number of Posts

Test and find the right balance. Golden rule. Not too many or too low. Look at your overall engagement for one week, and figure out what’s best for you.

  1. Use Influencer Marketing

A very popular strategy. You can bring new followers into your community and also grow your business. You need to find the influencers with the biggest, numbers of followers.

Already, influencer marketing has become synonymous with Instagram. The market keeps growing every month.

  1. Listen to Your Followers or Community

It’s very important to know what your followers need or what’s their problems. So you can help them and provide solutions. This way you can build long-term relationships and gain their trust!

Don’t forget that trust is a necessity for all businesses.

Make your research to discover more hacks, trends, and tips about Instagram. So you can create an effective marketing strategy.

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