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Instagram Analytics: 4 Tips on How to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Instagram Analytics: 4 Tips on How to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

These days social media is an essential marketing tool for every business. Instagram is one of the primary platforms to promote your business.

Instagram Analytics: How to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Here are some tips about Instagram analytics and how to improve your marketing strategy.

  1. Know Your Followers

You need to pay attention to your follower numbers and also you need to know your followers.

If your posts are effective and relevant you should attract some new followers. If not, then your content needs some improvement.

Also, you need to figure out what your followers like and dislike. Take a look at their profiles and see what trends they like, hashtags they use, or people they follow. This tip can help you to optimize your content, improve your strategy, and attract more followers.

  1. Engagement

An important tip is to generate engagement. If a user has many followers but only gets 10 likes on a picture, engagement is pretty low (probably a sign that the user has purchased followers).

Engagement is much more than just likes.

You need to pay attention to which posts get likes and comments. If a post gets more likes you need to examine the image and the quality of the caption.

Low comment rates mean that your caption is not structured as a call to action and your followers don’t comment or like your post.

You need to measure your engagement with your followers. If you are not responding to comments on your images or don’t comment on user-generated content, then your followers think that you don’t care about them. You need to improve engagement and loyalty.

  1. Stories

You need to use stories to increase your reach. Stories are a useful tool to attract and engage your followers.

People may be viewing your story because the icon pops up but they stop reading because they are uninterested. You need to create interesting content that makes people want to see the entire story.

Interesting stories can increase traffic and engagement to your business pretty fast.

  1. Conversion

You need to decide what type of conversion you want to achieve. You want people to visit your website, buy your product, service, or a combination?

You need to create a strategy to gaining followers, engaging with them, and converting them into buyers or subscribers. Then you can optimize your actions to ensure maximum conversion.

Important! Don’t give up. Using Instagram will take some trial and error as you figure out exactly who your audience is and how to engage with them.

Explore other Instagram content creators or influencers and discover how to create the best content possible and maximize your success. These days social media and the online world are changing pretty fast. So you need to know new trends, tips, and techniques to improve your marketing strategy on Instagram.

Instagram Analytics Tools

  1. Instagram Insights

You need to set up a Business Profile to access Instagram Insights. Also, you need to connect to the Facebook page you are currently administering to associate with your Instagram Business Profile.

Top Posts is one of the most valuable features. It gives you the chance to see the best-performing photos or videos in any given timeframe within the last two years.

You can do the same thing for stories and followers.

  1. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a highly professional Instagram analytics tool. Iconosquare helps companies to understand and improve performance on key social metrics, from audience growth to engagement.

Also, it allows you to plan and schedule Instagram activities. So it easier to grow the number of followers and increase the overall performance.

Last tip

Instagram is one of the most influential social platforms. Instagram has become very important for businesses and brands worldwide.

But a lot of entrepreneurs and marketers still don’t know the benefits of Instagram marketing because they don’t know how to measure it.

You need to know how this platform works and how to take advantage of its features. Take Action Now!