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Email Marketing: How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Strategy [Infographic]

These days artificial intelligence is a necessity for your business and your digital marketing strategy. Also is pretty effective and useful for your email marketing campaigns.

With the help of artificial intelligence, email marketing is more powerful than ever. It has many benefits like personalization, automation, and data analysis. AI can help you to improve your email marketing strategy pretty fast.

Here are some benefits of artificial intelligence you need to know.

  1. Automation

AI technology can help you to set up automated campaigns that are driven by customer data and are based on what stage someone is at in the customer journey. AI uses past purchases, interests, and browsing behaviors to set up automated campaigns that can nurture your leads.

AI can also help you determine what kind of content and images are most effective for your welcome emails, order update emails, and retention emails. So you can create more engagement and conversions.

  1. Personalization

AI technology can analyze consumer behavior and study their interests to generate data-driven insights. So you can create customized emails that are tailor-made for each of your subscribers.

AI technology can tell you what content is needed to resonate most with your target audience at a personalized level.

  1. Big Data

Email marketing is over-used these days and it’s more difficult to make your emails worthy and interesting for your subscribers. Because they are receiving a huge amount of emails daily. But with the help of big data, you can create and send unique and interesting emails.

Also, you can use cookies to gain deeper insights into your target audience.

With personalization and unique content, you can become a trustworthy source for your target audience and subscribers.

  1. Engagement

AI technology can help you to generate high-quality and interesting content that will generate more engagement, sales, and money.

  1. Timing

AI can determine the right times to automatically send out emails based on your subscribers’ activity history. It’s very important to remember that you’re trying to connect with humans who have different habits, interests, and preferences.

  1. Personal Promotions and Recommendations

AI knows what promo works best with your customers because AI knows their history, interests, and habits. When a customer abandons a shopping cart, AI can retarget that customer by sending an email to purchase the product or recommend a similar item.

Emails will have a CTA that leads to a landing page where your customer can easily complete the purchase.

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