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Content Marketing and Online Business: Why AI is The Future

Content Marketing and Online Business: Why AI is The Future

These days, new technology has changed the way that businesses interact with customers. As a result, the marketing techniques that were prevalent and effective now are useless.

Now marketers need to embrace sophisticated approaches to processes and perform an in-depth analysis of customer data in real-time. So marketers are adopting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

Google Now and Apple’s voice assistant Siri are only two examples of this advanced technology.

AI has also impacted retail because customers are now looking for more personalized online and offline shopping experiences.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is simply a term that describes the way a computer program or machine can imitate various types of human behavior and thinking, such as movement and speech, and being able to implement intelligence to perform different actions with minimal human intervention.

Machine Learning allows a computer application or program to recognize and learn from patterns in data. It’s able to improve its capabilities without human assistance.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

While Artificial Intelligence is redefining Content Marketing, marketers who use Artificial Intelligence technology in their marketing strategies and campaigns are able to grow the success of their business.

How AI can Help Your Business

1) AI Enables Personalized Customer Interactions

Mass message campaigns are now a thing of the past. Irrelevant content is a big mistake. It is natural that many consumers will lose interest in a brand if their expectations are not met. You need to create an effective personalization marketing plan.

52% of consumers will choose a different brand or product if they do not receive personalized communication from the company.

72% of businesses reveal that the customer experience is their top priority.

The biggest challenge for marketers is to find the right tools to support personalized marketing efforts.

2) AI and Effective Marketing Campaigns

When marketers are using Artificial Intelligence, their marketing campaigns and strategies are improved. This is because they use everything they know about their customers to customize the individual experience.

79% of marketing executives believe that AI will make their tasks easier and more efficient.

75% of marketers say that they will implement Artificial Intelligence in their businesses within the next 2-3 years.

The Future of Content Marketing

Today, the major part of the content marketing campaign process is manual. Like keyword research, blog articles, content curation, and emails, almost all lead generation tasks require human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence integration in the process will give marketers access to deeper insights and enable them to predict outcomes. The introduction of AI in the field of content marketing will essentially allow marketers to focus on tasks of a higher value that impact business performance and leave the repetitive tasks to the machines.

Present AI and Future

AI-powered algorithms also power self-driving vehicles by Tesla, voice recommendation engines like Microsoft’s Cortana, and e-commerce giant Amazon’s product recommendations. And we’re only going to see more of this very soon.

AI is already revolutionizing the marketing industry and will continue to transform jobs, content marketing, and the online world much more rapidly than we can imagine. AI will create a lot of opportunities for businesses that can effectively leverage this technology.

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