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Business Strategies: How to Increase B2B Sales [Infographic]

Business Strategies: How to Increase B2B Sales [Infographic]

Yes, it’s true. Increasing sales and profits is the most important goal of businesses. Without sales, businesses cannot survive. Most of the sales representatives should make more calls or work more effectively to increase productivity and sales.

Stats show that sales representatives spend less than 36% of their time selling. This could be changing, with the right strategy and approach.

Here are some strategies and tips you need to know about how to increase B2B sales.

  1. Sales and Productivity

Only 22% of the sales team in your organization achieve the target (sales)
Only 1 in 5 sales-person is a top performer
The right training of the sales team is a pretty important key to increase sales

  1. What affect the Productivity of Representatives

Lack of communication or misunderstood the clients
They don’t know the new technologies and trends
They are using old or inefficient strategies

  1. Strategies to Increase Sales:

Embracing the latest technologies (Automation and Artificial Intelligence)
Re-evaluating the sales process
Using the analytics the right way
Making sales training a priority
Tracking and managing the sales activities

  1. Sales and KPIs

Conversion rates
Average sales
Average profit margin
Average purchase value
Monthly calls
Performance of the product
The average cost for every lead
Average conversion time

  1. Time and Sales

The right time management process
Effective technical tools for adding value

  1. The Effect of Happy Employees

A happy employee is 34% more productive
They help in 38% higher sales number

With the right strategy, sales could increase pretty fast. It would help your business to grow revenue and ROI.

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