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Diet Trends for 2019: What You Need to Know About – How to Find The Best Diet Plan

Diet Trends for 2019: What You Need to Know About – How to Find The Best Diet Plan


If you need to know the diet trends for 2019, there’s a long list of eating plans to choose from, and like every year, trendsetters are pushing a number of diets that promise big results but don’t always deliver.

From the popular high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet to the mindful eating style of listening to your body’s hunger cues, some diet plans may work best for you.

Here are some diet trends you need to know about

Ketogenic Diet – Keto Diet

The ketogenic or keto diet was big in 2018 and many experts said that the trend will continue through the new year. The diet involves drastically reducing your intake of carbohydrates and replacing them with fats. You burn fat instead of carbohydrates for energy.

You have to reduce the intake of unhealthy carbs like sugar but also those that are normally considered healthy, like most fruits and certain vegetables.

While research shows that a ketogenic diet can help control seizures in children with epilepsy and may be beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes, dietitians generally do not recommend it for weight loss.

Any type of diet like this it’s not so good because it can promote disordered eating and an unhealthy relationship with food.

Paleo – Vegan = “pegan” Diet

This diet plan combines aspects of a vegan diet, which avoids all animal products, and the Paleo diet, which focuses on the types of foods our ancient ancestors supposedly ate during the Paleolithic Era.

It’s really simple. Eat foods low in sugar and starch. Eat lots of plant foods. If you’re going to eat animal foods, eat sustainably grown or harvested foods. Have foods that have lots of good fat, like nuts and seeds, olive oil, avocados.

Intermittent Fasting

This diet plan isn’t so much focused on what you eat but when. Intermittent fasters abstain from eating 2 days a week, except for one small meal of just 400 to 500 calories for women and 500 to 600 calories for men. For the remaining five “feed” days, you can eat whatever you want.

Research shows intermittent fasting can lead to weight loss, with one study showing alternate-day dieters can lose an average of 10 to 30 pounds in about eight weeks.

Other studies found this type of diet, along with regular exercise, may be beneficial for lowering LDL or “bad” cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

However, abstaining from food can be difficult for obvious reasons and some people may be better suited for this type of diet than others.

Eat More Plants

According to the USDA, most adults should be getting 3 to 5 servings of vegetables and 2 to 4 servings of fruit per day. Put more simply, half your plate should be filled with plants-vegetables.

It’s all about replacing an animal product with a plant product or really focusing on including plants in every meal. Maybe try to designate a day to experimenting with new plant-based recipes so you can learn what you like and different combinations of food that you might not have tried before.

Practice Mindful Eating

The concept is simple: You listen to your body and eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. This style of eating can foster a more positive relationship with food, which can greatly increase the quality of life.

Mindful eating also encourages people to slow down and actually enjoy their food. It’s the famous “Slow Food”. Mindful eating helps us to focus on the nurturing aspect of nutritionally healing our body through total wellness.

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4 Easy Ways To Write How-To Articles

You want to get your e-mail newsletter started, but you don’t want to be burdened with writing articles every time you turn around. Fact is, writing how-to articles isn’t that much of a hassle once you have a system for it.

Creating short, how-to articles allows you to:

– connect with your audience

– position yourself as an expert, and

– increase sales

Bottom line: Give clients information they need and you’ll be the first person they’ll think of when they run into challenges.

Consider creating a template for your e-mail newsletter articles that will fit the needs of your audience. Ask yourself if they want detailed information, or if they’re happy receiving broad ideas that will allow them to tailor the information to meet their specific needs.

If they want specific info, you could always include a teaser paragraph in your newsletter and then provide a link at the bottom of that paragraph. The link can lead to more detailed information about the subject your that audience is interested in.

Once you understand the needs of your audience, place your information in article format. Here’s a system I’ve often used to produce quick, informative articles.

1. Begin with an identifier paragraph.

This is an introduction to the subject. Just let people know exactly what you’re getting at.

2. Tell them why they should be interested.

This is where you just get into the reader’s world. You will what you’re talking about help them do their jobs better? In essence, that’s all people really want to know.

3. Give short, realistic pieces of advice.

You have so much to say it’s hard to fit it into short bits of info, but do it you must. Otherwise you’ll lose your audience’s attention. Try to stick to the points that have the most impact or the ones that are completely opposite to what people in your industry are currently doing.

4. Wrap it up.

One of my mentors used to always say to me, “Tell ’em what you’re going to tell ’em. Then tell ’em. Then tell ’em what you told ’em.” No, he wasn’t senile. His advice actually worked. At the end of every article I just wrap up what I’ve said by reviewing the key points of the article. It’s called a “takeaway.” What’s the one thing you want the audience to take away from your article and implement in their daily work lives? Once you’ve answered that question, you have your final paragraph.

Whatever you do, keep it short and simple. Sure we may want to use sophisticated language if your audience craves that, but you’d be surprised. When reading e-mail especially, readers won’t mind short, concise words and phrases. And that’s especially true if those words and phrases add more to the bottom line and/or help them become more efficient.