Locating fantastic Wholesale Products to sell from home

Have you ever considered starting your own online business? Then you’ve probably wondered where you can find wholesale products to sell online. As a current ecommerce business owner, I can tell you that finding quality wholesale products to sell is by far the hardest part of starting your business. That includes programming, graphic design, payment processing, and marketing. Its the hardest part.

When I started out I spent months searching for good wholesalers and drop shippers. I’d search every single day and at the end of the couple weeks I’d have a few scam sites and a few middle men. The internet is full of these and if you try finding the good ones on your own you will be disappointed. To succeed in ecommerce you need original products and REAL wholesale pricing.
I highly recommend using a wholesale distributor drop ship directory. A wholesale directory provides a link between retailers and wholesalers. Its a listing of REAL wholesale suppliers that provide wholesale products to sell online. Real wholesale and drop ship companies DO NOT advertise in search engines. The companies you do see in search engines are middle men that charge you monthly fees and give you marked up “wholesale pricing.” They make their profit by getting between you and the real wholesalers. Dealing with these sites is a recipe for failure. In this relationship, they are the only ones that make money.
Perhaps one of the most important features of a wholesale drop ship directory is the members are allowed to give non-biased feedback, whether negative or positive, regarding dealings with suppliers. You also receive tech support from professional sellers. This is all invaluable information.
The membership fee for a wholesale directory is tiny in comparison to what it offers. Rather than paying high monthly fees and getting marked up ‘wholesale’ pricing that kills your margins, you can pay a one-time fee and skip all the BS. It’s a no-brainer, trust me. For a review of all the most popular wholesale companies and directories, check out these Drop Shipping Reviews. You can find real wholesale products to sell online and get REAL wholesale pricing.
So what can you do with a directory of over 8,000 pre-screened and reviewed wholesale and drop shipping companies? You can start your own ecommerce site using Zencart. You can start an eBay business. You can drop ship products through Amazon. The possibilities are endless, now that you’ve completed the first, and most important step.


Intro to Reseller hosting

Out of different kinds of hosting services, ‘reseller hosting’ is one of its type. Ecommerce website require particular type of hosting service that can fulfill their business requirements. In comparison to other two types of hosting i.e. Shared and dedicated, this one is more cost effective. You can say that reseller hosting is provided by the users who must have possessed hosting services. Sometimes it is also leased to other users at much higher costs. You can term it as, process of renting disk space and bandwidth to many companies.
It is very popular in hosting as, both customers and reseller service providers get benefits out of it.. The reason behind it is these service providers usually have small scale businesses. Their target marketed is comparatively small having lesser hosting demands. It’s reach is comparatively small which do not require too much of disk space and bandwidth. Here the role or participation of bigger hosting firms is negligible, so reseller hosting has its own market. If right kind of marketing approach is taken, it can yield higher profits and monetary gains.
Here you are required to market the services by yourself to get hold over the niche market. Take care to provide good quality of web hosting services if you want to have strong client base. Customers expect to solve out their problems when arises, here you need to forward it to the main service provider. Thus it makes your job much easier and fulfill clients’ requirements.
For the companies that are launching their website for the first time, reseller web hosting is best option for them. Those interested in setting up their personal home based business, then this hosting type is a better option because of its cost-effectiveness. Businesses that have very constraint budget cannot afford dedicated web servers. People involved in ecommerce business benefit a lot from resell hosting solutions.
Here you can expect enough quantity of bandwidth and disk space for every website type. Reseller hosting would not put extra stress on your bank account, also you can get advantage of it’s many features lucrative for your online business.
You can expect the same quantity of security and technical know-how from reseller as available for big companies by other hosting types. In comparison to the data center you get better customer services with hosting reseller.


How much does it really cost to start a home based business

You may be looking to start your own home-based business, yet are not entirely sure how much money you’re going to have to invest. Well… The answer might surprise you a little bit. Many people looking to make money online tend to have a “get rich quick” mentality, and there is really no reason for it. If you’re looking to replace your full time income and work from home, there is going to need to be some serious hard work involved, and you’re going to need to make a financial investment.
So how much exactly would you need for investing in an online opportunity? I would recommend investing at least $1000 to $2000 USD. This might shock many of you, and I likely would have felt the same way reading this a year ago. However, in actuality, this is an incredibly small amount of money to invest into a business in which you could make $200 000 USD (or more, depending on your work ethic and marketing strategies) from home in your first year. These types of numbers are genuinely possible with the right attitude, work ethic, training, and a legitimate online company. It’s unfortunate that so many people tend to look for a way out as a free and/or no-effort opportunity. Such opportunities simply do not exist online, so don’t fall for the hype.
How much do people spend on average opening their own franchise such as McDonald’s or Subway? The numbers is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet this is generally seen as OK since it’s a traditional “brick and mortar” business. The truth is, you can make more money online for a fraction of the traditional “brick and mortar” investment, with no overhead and much less hassle.
Don’t let the online investment numbers get you down. Search out a legitimate online opportunity and put down some well-invested income. Is six figures a year and the freedom of working from home worth a $2000 investment? I think most of you would agree that YES IT IS.


How eCommerce Web Design can be costly

Online marketing can be difficult and very time-consuming for individuals that are not up on how the technology of source coded websites allow the incorporation of meta tags, descriptive tags, and keywords. Most of people that run websites have no idea what is going on under the surface of their glossy looking website. The fact of the matter is that setting up the source codes of internet based ecommerce sites takes the expertise of many people to bring a liquid flow to the pages that appear on the screen.
Aside from the tagging of pages and embedding of keywords into an ecommerce website the very nature of the site as a shopping cart takes many of code that is specifically designed to be seamlessly user friendly. The encryption codes that make the site secure for collecting and processing credit card data is also very difficult to master, yet for those that rely on secured websites and servers to process credit cards for online purchases the technological coding is well worth the security that it provides.
Inventory control and sorting is another challenge for coders of websites and the combination of inventories, keywords, meta tags and security measures for credit card purchases can add up to thousands of dollars worth of work for website development companies. The average website that has a shopping cart feature is well into the ten thousand dollar range and people purchasing a website that can easily manipulate all the coding and service multiple users at the same time often find that the investment is well worth the money.
However there are companies online that have the same look and feel as a highly priced customized retail site that have not spent the usual ten thousand dollars on their retail investment. Indeed many of the business owners using software companies for their drop shipping businesses have invested a meager two hundred dollars to start their online retail businesses. The unique solutions offered to drop shipping retailers enables them to chose a template for the creation of their online website and customize the look if the storefront to make it personalized to fit their unique offerings.
As a leader in the development of template websites and ecommerce business 3XP gives its clients an invaluable source for building and supplying their own online retail store without the heavy investment of capital that others have used to start their businesses online. The drop shipping industry has been revolutionized by the services of software developers that are making it easy for average people to join in the online marketplace and build successful businesses that practically run themselves.


Getting Started with your eCommerce Store

When it comes to make money online many people want to get online selling products as quickly as possible. In their haste to get started many times items are overlooked. The crucial item people tend to forget to plan for, and develop fully is their website. These people neglect to remember that the website is how their customers will interact with them. The website will help the customer find the item they are seeking, the site will take the order, and the site will also perform customer service by sending the customer a receipt of their order. Oh and let’s not forget, the site will also process the all important credit card payment. The website is the workhorse of the eCommerce business and business owners need to plan to have their site be a great one for their customers.
If you are planning an online business, you need to pick a good eCommerce store. Ecommerce stores are basically pre-built software that allows you quickly to add products and get you started selling without programming your own store. Ecommerce stores vary and many carry much features but there are some features that are essential to an online store. Features eCommerce stores should have are:

•Secure transactions (SSL-Secure Socket Layer)
•Search feature
•Search Engine Optimization (SEO) abilities
•Processing credit cards
•Ability to work with multiple payment gateways such as
•Easy to add, update, and delete products from database
•Ability to generate sales and traffic reports
•Good store design
•Ability to store email addresses in database for list building
There are many eCommerce store providers available but two of the best providers are Yahoo and Instant eStore. Both of these providers will walk you through the process of setting up your eCommerce store.
Another item to consider when creating your store is your stores domain name. The domain named is the web address your visitors will type to get to your store. You want a domain name the people will easily remember. A name with hyphens is not a memorable as one without. for the best results you want to Try and find a domain name that ends in .Com. .Com is the most common domain extension in the United States and people are used to typing that for web addresses. This is not to say that other extensions such as .Org, or .Net wouldn’t work but make your first choice a .Com. If you need help choosing a domain name visit The site has step-by-step features to walk you through the domain selection process.
As you are planning your website you want to know which products you are going to place into the store. Your product selection will change as you continue to promote the store but you need a base to start with. If you are not sure of what you want to sell you can check out Worldwide Brands. Worldwide Brands offers a directory of wholesalers that will sell you merchandise at a discount so you can retail it for a profit. This is one of the easiest ways to get started selling online.
Getting your store online is easy. All it takes is planning and ingenuity on your part. It won’t be got rich quick overnight but it can propel you to success in the long run.