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Content Marketing: 5 Tips on How to Grow Your Business in 2021 [Infographic]

Are you a business owner or a marketer and want to improve your online strategy in 2021? Do you know the new content marketing trends and tips that’ll help you to grow your business in 2021?

These days digital marketers and business owners need to create a new content marketing strategy to succeed and increase revenue.

Content Marketing Tips: How to Grow Your Business in 2021

Here are some tips about content marketing and how to grow your business in 2021.

1) Targeted Content

In 2021, the content marketing strategy needs to be more targeted to fill the needs of your target audiences. Stats show that 90% of the best content marketers use this targeted approach in their campaigns.

With targeted content marketing they get a greater ROI than what they’ve before.

2) Interactive and Experiential Content

Today, customer satisfaction depends on how the buyer connects with the provider, product, and service on a more personal, emotional, and experiential level.

Most customers prefer their transactions to be simplified and personalized. Stats show that 77% of these customers claimed their buying experiences were too difficult or complex.

Many customers are also attracted by personalized marketing that is nostalgic (Nostalgia Effect), something that buyers can relate to or are familiar with on a more social and cultural level.

Useful Interactive Marketing Tips

Interactive Video

Video content is expected to dominate up to 82% of all internet traffic in 2021. So 91% of buyers now prefer video to consume content. Greater demand for interactive video will rise in 2021.

Interactive Customer Service

Many people (buyers) prefer customer service to be immediate and interactive. The trend of digital voice assistants pushed voice search as a preferred way to look for information.

Chatbots are very popular and will continue to keep growing in 2021 and beyond.

Also, other types of interactive content are effective in delivering the information and influence the buyers. These include.

Audio-guided eBooks

Animated and Info-Training Infographics

Gamified Pages and Content

Interactive Quizzes

Augmented Reality (Product Catalogs)

Virtual Reality content that provides a 360-degree experience

3) Mobile First

Mobile devices and mobile internet users have grown in recent years and will continue to do so this year and beyond. Now, it is not enough to simply have a mobile-friend website. But you need a mobile-first approach to digital marketing.

You need to invest in mobile assets that can help you better serve your customers.

4) Multiple Channels – Omnichannel Marketing

These days customers prefer providers to address their needs at whatever platform or channel they use. The use of multiple channels or omnichannel marketing is guaranteed to help the business retain as much as 89% of their customers with this approach.

5) Outsourced Service

The events of 2020 (Pandemic) prompted businesses to rethink their strategies and approaches to marketing and in doing business in general. Focus now is on how to execute content marketing in a more efficient, more economical, and more effective manner.

A better way to do this is to outsource the workload to competent providers.

Stats show that 50% of marketers in 2020 have outsourced at least one or more of their content marketing activities to qualified and capable agencies.

Outsourcing companies are getting more aggressive in offering their services, including content marketing.

Last Tip

Content Marketing remains a very significant digital marketing tool to grow your business. But connecting with your clients should be done on a more experiential, more personalized, and more interactive level.

You can generate better connections and greater engagement. You can search for new tips and trends to improve your content marketing strategy.

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