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E-Learning: 7 Trends and Future of Online Learning [Infographic]

For those who don’t know what it is, eLearning refers to learning that use electronic tools and apps to create a more dynamic, engaging, and learning environment. eLearning is using interactive whiteboards, online classes, video lessons, and so on.

eLearning is popular because helps people of all ages to get the knowledge they need. eLearning is changing and get improvements constantly.

7 Trends and Future of Online Learning

Here are some trends about the future of eLearning and how it affects peoples’ lives.

  1. Adaptive Learning – Personal Learning

Adaptive learning is a style of education where resources, activities, projects, etc, are tailored to each student’s needs. It’s very useful and attractive.

Already, the major eLearning platforms are offering adaptive learning services.

  1. Social Learning

Social learning uses human interaction and group dynamics to create new types of education. Online forums, class-wide chatrooms, etc. Collaboration has never been more productive and efficient.

Now, teammates can offer insight and support from anywhere, whether it be their classroom, their homes, or in a coffee shop.

  1. Video learning

There are three types of learners – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

For many years auditory learners were the only group that served by the standard classroom format. With the advent of eLearning, video learning becoming more popular, effective, and useful.

From video-based lectures to instructional videos, video learning will become the future classroom.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is changing the world. Today with Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and your everyday text-based chatbots, AI has affected many people and businesses around the world.

AI not only can guide students through courses but also can generate learning predictions and learning personalization.

  1. Gamification

Learning is always more interesting when it’s fun. Gamification means eLearning is trying to make education fun!

It isn’t all about fun and games. Gamification can provide an immediate application of, and interaction with, the material. When understanding is up, so too is engagement, retention, grades, and overall classroom happiness.

The game-based learning solutions will continue to be implemented in classrooms, both digital and physical.

  1. Mobile Learning

The evolution of mobile learning, or mLearning, is a new trend you need to know. Not too long ago, your mobile device was used for simple phone calls. But today, mobile devices are changing. Almost everything is possible even eLearning.

In mLearning, there is still a bit of a way to go before it becomes fully viable.

mLearning architectures still need to find ways to embrace the same learning facets trends that eLearning managed to do before it can become widespread and commonplace. In the future, mLearning will grow and will become huge.

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

360-degree visuals, graphics overlays, explorable interface, are just a few applications of augmented and virtual reality used in eLearning.

In practice, augmented and virtual reality allows practitioners of eLearning to immerse their students into the subject matter. Regardless if it involves mathematics, science, history, or literature.

Video learning, gamification, and mobile learning have never been so immersive when paired with augmented and virtual reality, and the technology is improving all the time.

We are at the beginning of eLearning and we don’t know how future technologies will change the learning and the studies but, surely, eLearning will grow and will help many people worldwide.

The benefits of eLearning are clear. Giving students a fun and unique way is important to not only making sure they learn best, but they are happier in their educational experience.

The eLearning industry is one of the fastest-growing industries these days. During the pandemic, people have been focusing more on online learning platforms. They are looking for a new way to learn something useful every day while staying connected with other fellow learners.

More Details.

Also, How to transform your content into great videos.

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New Year: Awesome Self-Help Books to Read in 2021

Self-help books can help you to make changes to your day-to-day life. You have the freedom to make those changes at your own pace. If you are ready to start making changes, here are some of the best self-help books that you need to read in 2021!

Self-help books generally try to provide steps that the reader (You) can take to help them reach a specific outcome or expectation. If you have personal problems or weaknesses that you need to improve, then self-help books may help you a lot.

Self-help books have the power to give you insights, information, and instructions on how to improve your life, thinking, or circumstances.

Many self-help books provide strategies that the author has personally used and others are based on research and scientific inquiry.

Important! Self-help books can give you the tools to improve your life, but you are not going to see results unless you take the time and make an effort to apply the principles and lessons that these books teach you.

You cannot change your life without effort!

  1. Big Magic By Elizabeth Gilbert

One of the top self-help books of all time is Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. This the incredible story of how ideas float around in the world trying to find just the right person.

She shares some of her most intimate experiences with magic, creativity, and living a fulfilling life. It’s an awesome book for entrepreneurs, parents, and everyone else.

  1. The Little Book of Big Lies: A Journey into Inner Fitness By Tina Lifford

If you like story-driven life lessons then this pretty interesting book by Tina Lifford is perfect for you. This book has 14 personal stories from Lifford that will help you change the way you see not only the world but yourself. This book will help you change your perception and build the life you want.

  1. The Power of Self-Discipline By Brian Tracy

Are you struggling to get past the same lame excuses day after day that is keeping you from achieving your dreams and goals? Your problem might be a lack of self-discipline or your willingness to do what you have to do even when you don’t feel like it.

Brian Tracy has packed this book full of activities and exercises to prompt you to make the changes to reach your personal goals, business and money goals, and overall happiness.

  1. You Are A Badass By Jen Sincero

You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Live an Awesome Life. This book has many practical strategies that you can start using today. Follow the steps in this book to manifesting a more exciting and meaningful life.

Do you want to make more money, find a life partner, or go on more adventures? If yes, Jen Sincero will remind you that it is all possible!

  1. How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is an old book but still relevant. It’s a great book for many people. Are you struggling to maintain friendships or hoping to develop more meaningful connections? If yes, this book is for you.

  1. The Four Hour Workweek By Tim Ferriss

The Four Hour Workweek is for the aspiring entrepreneur who is ready to dive in and make some serious changes to his/her life. Are you ready to make money and change your lifestyle?

Tim Ferriss will help you “escape the 9-5, live anywhere, and join the new rich.” This book holds a lot of information. Plan to take it slow and implement as you go. It’s a big hit!

  1. Radically Happy By Phakchok Rinpoche

Happiness means something different to everyone. Many want to feel excitement and enthusiasm regularly, while others want to find a sense of contentment with what they already have.

Radically Happy will support you in becoming more mindful through meditation. This book presents personal narratives and scientific studies that will teach you how to create radical happiness in your life.

  1. The Friendship Formula: Add Great Friends, Subtract Toxic People and Multiply Your Happiness By Caroline Millington

Everyone has toxic people in their lives, but what would your world be like if they were no longer around? The Friendship Formula will help you identify your true friendships, and navigate the people in your life.

Take back control of your relationships and multiply your happiness with this book!

  1. 100 Days To Brave By Annie Downs

100 Days to Brave may be a good place to kickstart a more courageous new year. Annie Downs shares personal stories and short devotions that will help you work through your fears and become a braver you. It’s a must if you want to win your fears!

  1. The Universe Has Your Back By Gabrielle Bernstein

Faith and optimism are two of the key components that will lead to real change in your life. You truly have to believe that change is possible, and Gabrielle Bernstein will make you believe.

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith will help you to get rid of emotional blocks and improve your mindset so that you can start living a happier and more purposeful life.

  1. Finding Your Own North Star By Martha Beck

Want help figuring out what to do with this one wild and free life? Then read this book. Martha Beck writes stories that are funny yet extremely helpful. Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live will help you find your path so that you can make your dreams come true.

  1. Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking By S.J. Scott

Minimalism is all the rage, and everyone is focused on how to declutter their homes and their lives. But have you taken the time to think of how to Declutter Your Mind? This fantastic book from S.J. Scott will help you identify what is causing your mental clutter and help you develop a strategy to declutter your mind.

  1. The Happiness Advantage By Shawn Anchor

The Happiness Advantage: How a Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life is bursting with interesting research about how you can live a happier life starting today. Shawn Achor shares the psychology behind happiness. Learn how to be happier with your current situation. A pretty useful book.

  1. Switch By Chip Heath

The Switch is a fascinating book. Chip Heath shares research-based information that will help you make big changes in your life. Discover new ways to change your life.

  1. Everything Is Figureoutable By Marie Forleo

Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo is the perfect read for anyone looking to expand their business or chase that passion project in their life. The book will give you the tools you need to tackle just about any problem in your personal or professional life.

Marie Forleo has built a massive digital media empire, and she will help you retrain your brain to focus on the positive, and accomplish your goals.

  1. Don’t Keep Your Day Job By Cathy Heller

Don’t Keep Your Day Job: How to Turn Your Passion Into A Career will help you create a vision for monetizing your favorite activities, whether that be baking, writing, or jewelry making so that you can live a life filled with purpose. Live your Dream!

  1. The Alter Ego Effect By Todd Herman

If you are ready to make a massive shift in your life, but you have no clue where to begin, then The Alter Ego Effect is a must-read for you! Todd Herman will teach you step-by-step how to move out of your way and perform at your peak.

You will learn how to ignite the best version of yourself using the same secret activation techniques used by many top athletes and executives.

  • More books and interesting topics
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After Christmas Sales: Smart Shopping And Discounts

Many people are looking at the Day After Christmas sales to get discounts and awesome offers. As Black Friday, all the large retail chains will be using day-after-Christmas early opening and late closing store hours and discounts to attract many shoppers to their physical stores.

Here are some effective tips about how to get discounts and offers in after Christmas sales.

Shopping on After Christmas Sales

December 26 is a great opportunity for bargain and discount seekers. The day after Christmas is also known as exchange day for Christmas gifting products.

So gift returns, gift cards, e-gift cards, and mobile gift card purchases are a primary activity for many shoppers on after-Christmas-sales.

So the combination of low prices and the “free money” loaded on a gift card creates many opportunities that gift card recipients can’t resist.

Seasonal Bargains

After Christmas sales are all about seasonal bargains, it’s not the best time to find discounts on products like towels, soap, or running shoes. Instead, expect to find great bargains on anything holiday-related and winter items such as outwear and boots.

Also, you can find good or low prices on selected home decor and gift items. You may also discover deals on “outdated” (but pretty good) televisions, electronics, video games, consoles, even mobile phones.

Where to Shop on the Day After Christmas

Most big stores have extended hours on the day after Christmas, but you’ll need to check with your local store or mall to be sure you’ll find the doors open when you arrive.

You may also want to check your favorite coupon site to find any additional money-saving opportunities to print and bring with you. Sites like Retailmenot,, and Groupon offer many money-saving offers.

Post-holiday sales can save you a lot of money.

It’s important to be organized and to have a plan. You need to create a list of target items. Winter clothing, toys, and electronics, are the first in your list. Retailers want to clear their holiday stock.

Waiting longer but saving more money

Shopping after Christmas might mean waiting longer for a particular item, but the money you save on that product will make you happy! You’ll discover awesome discounts on major appliances, furniture, sporting goods, and many more products.

You need to shop smart and don’t buy every product that has a generous discount. You will spend your money pretty fast and you don’t get the product you need and like!

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Coronavirus and Stress: Useful Tips on How to Avoid Stress and Improve Your Life

The coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to grow and affect all the world. Logically, you begin to feel more stressed. Information is rapidly changing and can be confusing, overwhelming, and even scary. You may experience fear, stress, and anxiety.

Here are some useful tips to avoid coronavirus stress and improve your life.

  1. Nutrition: Fruits and Vegetables

If you are stressed, the central nervous system releases adrenaline and cortisol, which affects your mood. Also, stress can kill the appetite, but the release of the hormone cortisol can cause fat and sugar cravings.

Research also suggests that high cortisol combined with high sugar consumption may prompt the deposition of fat around our internal organs. A diet high in a variety of nutrients can both protect health and provide more physical energy.

You need to eat more fruits and vegetables.

  1. Massage and Stretches: Relax

Because stress causes muscles to tense, being stressed out can create tension headaches, backaches, etc. You can avoid these symptoms with stretches, massage, or warm baths. You can try progressive muscle relaxation to reduce anxiety and improve mental health.

  1. Meditate: Benefits of Meditation

Many reports show that mindful meditation can reduce psychological stress and anxiety. To get started, set aside five minutes in a quiet place to sit and breathe. Focus on the present moment. Free your mind and avoid negative emotions.

  1. Sleep Better: Activity and Relaxation

Daytime stress affects nighttime sleep. Try to have a consistent sleep routine that allows time to wind down before lights out. Meditation and relaxation can help with insomnia.

Also, avoid caffeine and alcohol in the late afternoon and evening. Blue light can suppress the sleepy hormone melatonin (checking social media may ramp up your emotions.) Also, physical activity can improve sleep, especially for middle-aged adults.

  1. More Physical Activity:

The activity can not only improve sleep, but it can win stress. Studies show that working adults who participated in moderate physical activity had not much stress as working adults who did not participate.

Physical activity may also help to avoid the negative effects of stress, including the impact of stress on the immune system.

Adding physical activity needn’t be expensive or complex: A 30-minute walk or a dance session in the living room can do the trick.

  1. Go Out To Nature:

Studies have found that green space improves mood. Effective Tip. Even nature videos can speed recovery from stress. Nature can calm your mind.

  1. Keep Your Common Activities: Humor and Laugh

When life gets overwhelming, people often leave their common or pleasure activities first. Even when time is tight, look for opportunities to do something for yourself, whether that means reading a novel, singing, dancing, or watch your favorite comedy on tv.

Humor and laughter can benefit both mental and physical health. Humor is the best medicine!

  1. Reframe your thinking: Emotions and Thoughts

One of the most effective treatments for stress and anxiety is cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. You need to understand that our thoughts influence our emotions, which influences our behaviors. (We are emotional creatures!)

Reframing your thoughts can help manage your emotions, reducing feelings of stress.

Tip: If you think and imagine worst-case scenarios, stop and put your mind elsewhere. Avoid negative thoughts and use humor to improve your life.

  1. Ask a Doctor:

If you feel overwhelmed and self-help isn’t helping, look for a psychologist or doctor who can help you learn how to manage your stress effectively. Change your environment and change your thoughts.

The coronavirus is very big trouble and dangerous but it’s not the end of the world. You can win the pandemic if you think positively, use humor, and protect yourself and your family. Positive psychology is your great advantage to improve your life. Start Now!

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How to Make Money from Home for Beginners: Tips Websites and Tools – FREE

There are many ways to earn money online or to make money from home. Attention! some websites might be fake. Make your research before joining! Also, do not expect to earn a lot of money quickly.

Here are some websites, tools, and tips to make money online from home (for beginners).

  1. Freelancer

Freelancing is a popular way to earn money online. Several websites are offering freelance tasks (jobs) for people with skills. Websites like Freelancer, People Per Hour, Indeed, etc. All you need to do is to create an account, browse through the listings, and apply for the task that suits you.

Remember, you will only get paid once you complete the given task and it has been approved by your client.

  1. Create A Website

You need to choose a domain, templates, layout, and the overall design for your website. Once you are ready, sign up for Google Adsense, which when appear on your website and clicked on by visitors, help you make money. The more traffic you get on your website, the more money you will make.

Attention! It’s not so easy, you have to do a lot of work! You need to create quality content, you need to have an SEO strategy, You need to create a content marketing strategy, etc.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

You can use affiliate marketing by allowing companies to insert web links onto your site. When visitors to your site buy products or services by clicking on affiliate links, you earn a commission. (Make Money).

Attention! Affiliate marketing is very popular, but you need to work. Many people believe that they will make money without work. Surely, they will fail and never they will earn money online!

  1. Surveys and Reviews Sites (Many Scams)

There are several websites offering money with online surveys, online searches, and write reviews on products. Attention! There are many scams online. Read reviews before join!

Some of them may even ask you to register with them before working on projects. Stay away from websites that appear too good. They offer a lot of money without work but you never will make money!

  1. Translate Languages

If you know a language other than English you can earn some extra money. Several websites require to translating a document from one language into another. This may include Spanish, French, German, or any other language to or from English.

Many businesses and marketers are hiring translators online from anywhere across the globe. Several websites such as Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, offers you many opportunities to be a professional translator and earn money online.

  1. Tutoring Online

If you are an expert in a particular subject, you can earn money by tutoring people online. You can connect online with students of all ages to provide homework help and tutoring in the subjects for which you have demonstrated expertise.

You can sign up as an online tutor by creating a profile, and listing the subjects or classes you want to teach, how much experience you have, what your qualifications are, etc. Some of the platforms may offer flexible time to work as an online tutor.

  1. Social Media Magagment

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat can be used to make money. Companies and brands pay social media managers to further boost the popularity of their products.

Creativity is essential to create posts, videos, images, etc that can go viral quickly and increase traffic, followers, and sales.

  1. Design

If you are a tech professional especially related to websites, You can help small businesses set up their websites and earn money. Coding and web designing are very important to build effective websites.

  1. Write Articles

If you are a good writer you can earn money writing articles. Blogs and businesses can be a good starting point. Many businesses and marketers are searching for quality articles (SEO friendly). They need articles for their websites but they don’t have the time or knowledge.

  1. Blogging

It starts with a hobby or interest and soon blogging becomes a new, profitable, career for many bloggers. There are two ways to start a blog: you can create a free blog through WordPress or create a paid, self-hosted blog.

Self-hosted blogs have an advantage that allows you to customize the elements and functionality of your website.

You can monetize the blogs through ads, product reviews, affiliate marketing, etc. Remember, earning through blogging may also take a lot of time and effort. You need to create quality content to attract interesting people and search engines.

  1. YouTube Channel

Create a YouTube channel, upload videos, and start monetizing them. Choose a category or subject that you want to make videos, but make sure it’s a topic that will interest a lot of people.

Everything from cooking shows, funny videos, pranks, to political debates can find many viewers on YouTube. You have to upload interesting videos to attract more people and earn money.

  1. E-books

You can create self-publish eBooks and paperbacks with Kindle Direct Publishing, and reach millions of readers on Amazon. Publishing takes less than 5 minutes and your book appears on Kindle stores worldwide within 24-48 hours. You can earn up to 70 percent royalty on sales to customers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and so on.

  1. PTC Sites

Many websites offer money by clicking on ads. They are called paid-to-click (PTC) sites. Attention! There are many scams, so be careful. Also, you can refer friends and earn money in the process.

  1. Create an Online Course

Sharing knowledge (Knowledge is Power) is a very effective way to make money online. If you’re an expert on a topic you can monetize your knowledge by creating courses online. You can sell your course on Udemy or your website.

To create a popular and successful course, you need to watch other courses on your topic. Then, look at the reviews. Learn how can you create something better than other courses.

Create content (Courses) that solves the biggest problems. People always searching for solutions!

If you sell your course on Udemy, you don’t have to do much to promote it. You can almost set it and forget it. You can promote it to relevant blogs, websites, or on your website.

  1. Influencer – Social Media

To become an influencer you need to build a massive (big) following. The easiest platforms to do that: YouTube and Instagram. You need to know how to get more Instagram followers if you want to build a big Instagram audience.

To make money as an influencer, you can use sponsored posts, create your online store and sell products, add affiliate links in your bio, sell your photos, get paid as a brand ambassador, get paid to appear at events, and more.

Important! These days micro-influencers are more effective and profitable than famous influencers.

  1. Create an App

If you’re not a developer, you’re probably thinking that is very difficult or complex. But, there is a way to have an app made that doesn’t involve any programming skills.

These days, marketers and businesses are using freelance platforms to find low-cost developers to create apps for them.

You need to add your app to Google Play and the App Store. A free app can help you make more than a paid app. With a free app, you can add ads or premium features to help you make money. The free app will attract more people and you can upsell them.

  1. Sell Photos

You can make money Pretty fast by posting your photography services in Facebook groups, Instagram, or Photo sites. If you’re looking for more photography clients, you can use sites like Scoopshot or Foap. Make your research to find interesting sites about photos.

  1. Buy and Sell Domains

Selling domains is not easy. If you own one word .com domain you’ll have a better chance of selling. Also, domains that are on trend at that moment have a better chance of selling.

You can sell your domains on Go Daddy’s Domain Auction or Flippa. Look through the domains with the highest bids to see what type of domains sell well. It’ll help you to know how much money you can make selling them.

Search more and find what you like to do!

Making money online can help you to escape your 9 to 5 job. You can become a full-time entrepreneur or successful marketer. By making more money, you gain more financial freedom, improve your life, and become more happy and satisfied.

It’s possible to earn a lot of money online if you work hard and stick with it. Attention! Never Give Up!

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