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How to Treat Gambling Addiction

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Addiction is a serious social issue that society is still trying to muster. With gambling addiction, gamblers just don’t lose money but life and family as well. That is why it is extremely important to solve the problem.

In reality, there are available methods so as to treat gambling addiction. Some of which are:

1. Medications.

Usually, gambling addicts are treated with medications in the form of anti-depressants or what medical experts call as Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or the SSRR. This medication has been proven to treat pathological gamblers or those who feel the blow whenever they win.

2. Psychological Treatments.

Most psychologists contend that the problem of gambling addiction is often associated with a problem with their cognitive behavior. Hence, it would be better to let the gambling addicts undergo cognitive behavior therapy.

In this process, the gambling addicts are taught how to get rid of the negative ideas and replace them with positive ones.

3. Group Therapy.

Group discussions are also effective in treating gambling addiction. Through this method, gamblers will get to interact and discuss their own personal problems that led them to gamble.

One great advantage of this therapy is that gamblers get to listen to other gamblers stories. They will be able to understand some angles that may sound just like their very own situations but were unable to identify them because of the feeling of rejection or shame.

Moreover, according to the Journal of Gambling Studies, gamblers who are college students make up 1.6% of the total population. It may seem little at first but the fact that the percentage is gradually increasing is enough to cause alarm.

So, the best way to cure treat gambling addiction is to lessen the chances of playing. This is because the more people can play the greater chances they get addicted.

Gambling Addiction

To people who don’t gamble, or more so to normal gamblers, the thought that they will progress to compulsive gamblers is ridiculous. The start of compulsive gambling may be incited by situations or circumstance. But the conditions are real.

The similarity between pathological gambling and chemical dependency?

The first distinct similarity is the inability to take control or stop the addiction. The denials of the addiction accompanied by severe depression are also similarities. Both diseases are progressive in nature and go through similar stages.

The first stage being the “chase”, looking for that high or win. The use of the addiction to numb the pain brought about by problems. The pathological gambler and a drug or alcohol dependent person are preoccupied with nothing else except their addiction. They look for immediate gratification and have very low self-esteem.

Pathological gambling not like chemical addiction is a disease not easily noticeable. There are a lot of indicators that would identify a chemically dependent person. But a gambler can exist normally for long periods of time. The large debt that a gambler can incur requires attention.

Pathological gamblers require crisis counseling at the start of their treatment, mainly because pathological gamblers have a higher suicide rate than persons addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Is the level of addiction for all types of gambling the same?

Forms of gambling that give immediate gratification are the worst kind. The slot machine and video are prime examples of these. The use of the instant gratification and effective reinforcement, gamblers that play these machines often progress into pathological gamblers more often than gamblers that play other games.

The time it takes to go from the first bet to a chronic addiction is shortest for this form of gambling. Before it would take many years before a person would be considered “sick” gambling in races, etc. Nowadays, it is fairly common for a person to be addicted to a slot machine or video poker with two to three years.

Is pathological gambling biological in nature?

Recent findings would indicate that pathological gambling is a dependency quite similar to a chemical dependency. A study by a psychiatrist Alec Roy, M.D. formerly of the NIAAA showed that compulsive gamblers have low levels of norepinephrine compared to normal gamblers.

The chemical is secreted by the brain when stressed, aroused or excited. A pathological gambler engages in his addiction to raise the levels of norepinephrine.

The findings reinforce the assertion of Dr. Henry Lesieur that pathological gamblers are “thrill seekers” who gamble for the excitement brought about by the game and not the pursuit of money.


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PlayStation 4: What You Need to Know About

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PlayStation is an outstanding gaming system that gives you unlimited fun, higher excellent graphics, and wonderful gaming capability. It is definitely one of the top game consoles today. It has an impressive online multiplayer platform.

PlayStation: 4 Secrets

Gaming consoles are among the best entertainment tools offered and lots of people buy one for their home. Online gaming is among the finest PlayStation features. For lots of people, video gaming is not only a pastime, but it has turned into a lifestyle so gamers expect more from it.

Moreover, avid gamers who don’t need to purchase certain games can elect for PS4 deals that include a selection of player cards and patches that allow them to appreciate their gaming experience in the ideal manner possible. It is ideal for new gamers, pro-gamers, and those who have zero gaming experience in any respect because it’s a multi-useful console!

Make sure to find out what games you want to buy before you choose a console. The games on each and every system have various ratings much like movie ratings. Furthermore, it has a very good group of games since the very first PlayStation was launched.

PlayStation 4’s internet play is entirely at no charge. Video game consoles are an extremely prevalent gadget in most homes across the nation. They have been around for decades, and they have been a constant source of entertainment and recreation for people of all ages and nationalities.

You have the capability to play games on it and watch your favorite movies. The games for PS4 are much more expensive when compared with past versions and you may not merely choose games randomly. As a player, you have to learn a couple of things before you begin playing PS4 games.

Effective Tips for PlayStation 4

If PlayStation network servers are overloaded, wait for some time and connect again. The PS4 web browser also has other terrific options like a history button so you can return to those prior pages of importance effortlessly.

There’s some fantastic software which you may come across online, and a little bit of searching for turning your PS4 into a computer gives you tons of results.

A huge issue with the PlayStation 4 was the cost of the software necessary to produce games for the machine. As an issue of fact, there’s a fix for virtually every problem your PlayStation may encounter later on.

The console is extremely handy in operation. It’s all up to you whether to purchase the console. The maximum console of all of them is the PlayStation.

The console doesn’t only offer you terrific games. Additionally, it has some other qualities that will improve somebody’s lifestyle. Anyway, it’s still a decent console.

The console involves a 500GB hard drive for extra storage that could be upgraded. It’s quite annoying as you can’t conduct anything by means of your console and you can’t get around the monitor.

The game console is controlled and manipulated by a controller. The new controller is much more comfortable, regardless of the hand dimensions and is far more precise. The DUALSHOCK two analog controllers include pressure sensitive buttons.

Accessories of PS4

Standard game console accessories: controllers, additional controllers, headsets, microphones, controller and PlayStation skin covers, wireless controllers, etc., but what additional accessories would you like to see that are out of the “norm”? PS4 is expected to be a huge break in the next generation game console arena.

The PS4 has 3d virtual headsets, gun controllers that show laser point on the screen, a 4d controller such as a baseball bat that when you hit the ball it vibrates and makes a crack noise like a real wooden bat. What kind of accessory would you like to see? A shooter, a gun, a stick, a bat, a hat, a golf club? We can surely expect to see a few new kinds!

PS4 is a great game console. If you play once with a PS4 console you will want to play everyday!


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PC Games and Children: 5 Benefits for Kids

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Parents are more concerned about what games the kids are playing rather than worrying about why at all they are playing games. If you are a new parent then you must learn to encourage your child more into playing PC games rather than playing any other games in the play time.

1. Teach Kids How to Solve Problems

Games are responsible for the rapid development of the brain. This happens because you have to plan, negotiate and take actions in the game instantly. A mistake can make you lose the game. They can learn a different technique to advance. They learn how to solve problems fast to win the game.

2. Creativity and Personality

The games will make you creative. They will understand the rules of the game, be creative to explore and plan in their own way rather than following the same old ways. This will highlight personalities and several interests in the kinds. They can be any normal game which offers relevant information. In that attempt, they will develop a better personality.

3. Interest in History and Culture

Parents can choose the contents of the game wisely. There are games that have the ancient culture in the background. This can help to grow the interest of your child in the world geography and history. They might take to internet and books to learn the details. These games also enable the kids to choose maps of different countries.

4. Making More Friends Becomes Easy

If your child is the shy type who remains isolated from others then the games might be quite helpful for you. The games create a ground for your child to make friends, hang out and spend time with them. The game is a common topic of discussion. kids love the games and it’s easier to make friends with the same interests.

5. Gives the Opportunity to Take a Lead

The games when played in groups often allow your child to take leadership of the game at times. At other times they will become followers learning the good and bad of both the sides. This will enhance the leadership quality in the kids irrespective of what age they are.

All these qualities are really beneficial for the normal development of a child. Also, the parents have to play games with their kids. It’s an awesome way to be friends!


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Video Games Tester: An Easy Way to Make Money Online

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People of different age groups have a passion for Video games and they spend hours on gaming. This craze for the product has increased the turnover of the companies manufacturing games which has touched the billion-dollar mark.

Many companies are coming up with numerous products in the gaming industry. There is huge competition to maintain market share and surpass other companies. The product can be successful only if its features are tested properly and the end product reaching the user is free of bugs.

The gaming industry spends huge money in making the product and any minute glitch or small bug might waste the investment. Such companies want professional and real-time testers to test the products.

Video games testing has become a good money making program these days, with gaming companies hiring common people who spend their most time playing on the console, for testing the game before the final product is launched into the market.

Thus any designing, programming and graphics defects can be removed before the public gets the product for playing. The people hired for game testing do not require special qualifications to take up this job of reviewing the product.

They should have ample experience of gaming and should be confident enough to showcase their gaming skills. The feedback of the testers helps the gaming house to improve the product and remove any bugs.

This is a complete win-win strategy; the company saves its reputation by launching quality products and the testers earn handsome income from Video games testing. It is very easy to earn a good income from playing.

The gaming junkies can prove their mettle by using their gaming skills to make loads of money. There are some websites that provide guidance about online business and also train people on the techniques to get success in earning.

The fanatic video-gamers get the chance to play a new game even before its launch and get paid for playing. They play a crucial role in the success of the video game by testing and providing feedback. The companies not only pay handsome money for these services but also allow them to have the game for free.

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How To Find A Video Game Tester Job

There are many video game tester jobs available for people who enjoy playing video games.

However you must understand that you will not be getting paid to play games, you will have an important role to test these games to ensure there are no bugs, errors, etc, in the game.

You should also be aware that this job involves long hours, however, you will be getting paid up to $100 an hour and if you are working for a major game testing company then the career prospects are excellent.

Your job as a games tester might just be the start of your brand new career and in years to come, you may actually be involved in designing and creating the new games of the future. The key things you will require to be successful in this industry are patience, dedication, motivation and obviously a passion for computer games.

When searching for video game tester job openings it is important that you visit the game developers website for any suitable vacancies. Do research on the internet to find out more about the role and always try to develop a useful list of contacts.

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Give a try today and maybe you will become the next famous and rich Game Tester!!

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Guide: How to Build Email List For Your Online Business

Discover the secrets of List Building. Build And Grow Your List Fast FREE eBook


You have an online business and products or services to offer. Do you know the value of your list and how to create long term relationships with your customers or target market? Here is a guide on how to build your list for your online business.

1. How to create a list.

The first step is to know how to create a list. Basically, this list will serve as your email marketing base. You will be sending these people emails for information, for product offerings and even for promo updates.

2. How to building relationships.

Once you start list building, you should be aware that you are not just after the number of emails that you send out periodically. You are after the goal of creating long lasting relationships with your clients and your target market.

3. Know how to encourage people to be part of your list.

It can be quite difficult to convince people to give their real names and email addresses. But this is one reality every online entrepreneur has to face. Learn how to use different lines and tactics to make people sign up their names and emails. You can make them feel safe and gain their trust. Give value and help.

Successful Online Business and the Email Lists

List building is a marketing process that involves strategic gathering followers for the sole reason to deliver vital news, messages, products info or events, etc.

This ever-growing mailing list is created and developed by end-users who freely opt-in via subscription into an online business marketer’s autoresponder facility.

Whatever business you do online, you can compel your audience, prospects and clients to be part of your list for several reasons, such as: receiving newsletters, updates, discounts, etc. It can be very lucrative and highly effective.

Below are some benefits of building a mailing list to promote your online business:

New Products/Services

When you choose to build a list for your business, it is actually people who trust in your products or services that will opt-in. A mailing list offers you the opportunity to market new products or services to potential customers.

Whatever it is that you sell online, whether it is new software or some popular electronics, sales are almost guaranteed with your subscribers since they actually willingly opted into your mailing list. Once you are able to deliver effective sales pitch to your subscribers, you can grow your income easily.

Offering Exclusive Deals/Offers

When you are in the process of launching special offers, your mailing list will be most convenient to reach out to prospects that will quickly engage with the business.

For example, if you sell a service or product at a list-price of $200 on your website you can sell the same service/product at $100 (providing special discount deal purchase link) to people who are subscribed to your mailing list. This can help you make loads of profit – especially if you have a large mailing list of subscribers.


Also, if you plan on having a live webinar or any event, subscribers on your mailing list would usually be among the first people to find out. With your list, you will be able to send emails very fast inviting people to attend your live webinar or event. Your list is pretty valuable for your business.

There are many advantages of building a mailing list for your online business. The Key to a successful online business is in the list. Start building your list today!


Discover the secrets of List Building. Build And Grow Your List Fast FREE eBook