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Best Times to Post on Instagram in 2020 [Infographic]

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms to build a social presence. More than 1.1 billion people use Instagram. To make the most of your social media strategy, you should know when your Instagram posts will be the most effective.

Here are the best times to post on Instagram in 2020

Posting during the hours of 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM during weekdays can help you to generate engagement. These posting times are a good starting point, but it’s very important to create a social media strategy so you can reach your target audience with your social content.

Industries such as technology, healthcare, travel, media, education, all have different peak times.

If you want to reach your target audience in your industry, you should discover relevant data to make the right decisions. This way, you will know the best day and time to post on Instagram.

You should understand how Instagram’s algorithm affects what people see. Instagram’s algorithm focuses on “recency,” so new posts are most likely to appear in users’ feeds.

Instagram’s algorithm also evaluates the engagement of each post when determining whether to present it to your audiences. If you know the best time to post on Instagram, you can generate engagement and help each Instagram post reach your target audience.

Also, some tools can help you to determine the best time to post on Instagram. There are built-in Instagram tools you can use—and other third-party tools are available, too.

With some research, you can determine the right tool, or mix of tools to understand the best time to post on Instagram,

If you have an Instagram business account, you can use Instagram Insights to analyze your follower demographics, engagement, and activity trends. The Instagram Insights analytics tool can help you make smart decisions about the best time to post on Instagram.

Also, you can bulk schedule posts sometimes weeks or months in advance. This lets you maintain an active and fresh social presence with less effort.

There are some Instagram scheduling tools you can use. Some have free starter plans, but you may need to use a paid business plan for best results. Often, tools like these offer a free short-term trial.

Be sure to take advantage of those opportunities to get a feel for several tools and decide which is the best fit for your needs.

Instagram should be an essential component of your social media marketing mix.

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